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The Preserve Championship Set as a DGPT COVID-19 Phase 2 Event

The Disc Golf Pro Tour has finalized that The Preserve Championship will be in Phase 2 of the DGPT COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices. Read below to review the Phase 2 Policies & Best Practices that will be in effect.

The Preserve Championship COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices Overview

This document provides an overview of the Policies & Best Practices that will be in place for The Preserve Championship, July 3-5, 2020, which will be operating in Phase 2 of the DGPT COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices Document.

Why Phase 2?

Currently, Minnesota is allowing groups of 250 or less to gather for outdoor events and entertainment. DGPT Phase 2 can be implemented based on state guidance that allows groups of approximately 50 or more to gather. After assessment, the DGPT has deemed The Preserve Championship meets the requirements for a Phase 2 DGPT event.

Current Minnesota State Policy

  • Currently in Phase 3 of Reopening Minnesota

Currently NO Travel Restrictions

COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices Phase 2 Overview:

    • All of the following policies will be in place from the time that the event site is established through the end of the event:
      • For The Preserve Championship, it is July 1st – July 6th. 
    • All Minnesota State COVID-19 Policies apply (see policy above).
    • Event Site Entry & Protocols
      • Event Site Protocols will be begin 2 days prior to the first round of the competition through the final day of the event.
      • Event Protocols are in place for all persons entering the event site and consist of the following:
        • All persons are asked to limit arrival time to no sooner than 30 minutes before their tee time or the start of their shift (staff/volunteer/media). All staff and media may ensure they have enough time to prepare on site. 
        • All persons will be stopped and asked to present their event ID badge (or to provide ID and pick up their event badge). 
        • All persons must speak to the entry site staff and show no visible symptoms of respiratory illness (coughing or visibly ill).
        • All persons must affirm that they have not had any symptoms of respiratory illness and that they have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms for the past 10 days.
        • All persons are asked to depart the event site no later than 30 minutes after their round/shift. 
          • If persons wish to remain on site longer, they must request specific permission to spectate post round/shift.
    • Testing & Tracing Program Active
      • Full Policy provided to Competitors, Staff, Volunteers and Media.
      • Testing required for any persons entering event sites with signs, symptoms or recent contact (past 10 days) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
      • Contact tracing program implemented and managed by the DGPT.
      • Any needed COVID-19 testing provided for free for all event persons at the DD Open via the Lyon Country Board of Health.
    • Social Distance 
      • Social Distancing of 2 meters will be enforced.
      • This includes no physical touching of any other person, their equipment, or their personal items.
      • PDGA Rule, Courtesy 812, in effect and the following additional language will be added and applied in Phase 1 & 2 of DGPT events:
        • “Players must not violate the social distancing policy of 2 meters without a mask on”
    • Groups of 4 Allowed
    • Caddies Allowed
    • Face Coverings
      • All persons must carry a face covering at all times. 
      • All persons must wear a face covering when indoors.
      • When outside and able to social distance, a mask will be strongly recommended but not required.
      • When outside and where social distancing of 2 meters is not possible, all persons must wear a face covering. 
        • Please note: Face coverings may be required around certain tee areas. 
      • All on-course staff and volunteers are required to wear face coverings while engaged in communication with players or each other. 
  • Limited Spectators
    • Spectators will be allowed to watch as part of a staff-led group, that will be no larger than 100 people. 
    • Up to 200 spectators tickets may be sold. The first round of ticket sales will be at 100 before assessing the rest of tickets to be sold. 
    • Spectator groups will be led by a staff/volunteer, and only allowed to observe play from a distance. 
    • Media, Volunteers & Staff are allowed to spectate after completing their round/job, ONLY if they have signed up for a spectating group in advance.
    • Spectators must maintain social distancing of 2 meters or more, carry a face covering, and use their face covering if unable to maintain social distancing. 

Best Practices

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Use hand sanitizer
    • Hand sanitizer provided on each tee
  • Wash your hands before and after your round
  • Wear a face covering at all times