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Official Pro Tour of the PDGA 

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) is the Official Pro Tour of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). The PDGA is the governing body of the sport of disc golf and is the regulatory authority for all determinations related to player eligibility for DGPT events. 

PDGA Rules Listing

At all DGPT Tournaments (including DGPT Silver, DGPT Elite, DGPT Elite+, DGPT Playoff, and any other DGPT-sanctioned event), all PDGA rules are in effect. A complete list of current PDGA rules can be referenced here.

Standard Application of PDGA Rules

The DGPT also has the following specific rules applications in place at each of its events. 

  • PDGA Rule 803.02 (A) – Players may obtain relief—without penalty—from temporarily placed advertising assets, permanent sign posts, fairway markers, or spectator ropes and stakes that are in-bounds, per PDGA Rule 803.02 (A). As the rule states, ‘’unless greater relief is announced by the Director’’ instead of only taking the closest lie that provides relief, the Tournament Director has granted at least 1m relief from the aforementioned assets/obstacles.



Elite Series Status

Furthermore, the Disc Golf Pro Tour is designated by the PDGA to run Elite Series events. PDGA “Elite Series” is the designation used for a tour of professional events approved as a PDGA Elite Series by the PDGA Board of Directors and where points are earned by players towards crowning a tour champion. You can read more about Elite Series on the PDGA website.

Elite Series Tour Standards

In addition to following all PDGA rules, the DGPT also adheres to a set of Tour Standards specific to its designation as an Elite Series. You can reference these standards on the PDGA website.


MPO & FPO Divisions

The Disc Golf Pro Tour’s mission is to grow professional disc golf through the management and promotion of elite professional disc golf events curated into the world’s largest pro tour. As a result, the Tour is comprised of two professional divisions. 

  1. Women’s Pro Open (FPO) – the top women’s division, available to female players of any age.
  2. Mixed Pro Open (MPO) – the top professional division, available to players of any age or gender.

PDGA Membership & Rules Official Status Requirement 

Any player competing at a DGPT-sanctioned event (Silver, Elite, Elite+, Playoff, or other) must be a current PDGA member in good standing. Players must also register as a PDGA Certified Rules Official and pass an open book test. 

Rating Requirements

Effective January 1st, 2023, the PDGA has implemented a rating floor of 935 for players competing in the Mixed Pro Open (MPO) division at Elite Series events. Players who are rated below 935 are not eligible to compete at DGPT events in MPO. The Women’s Pro Open (FPO) division does not have a player rating floor.

PDGA Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Based Divisions

To play at any DGPT event, all players must be compliant with the PDGA Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Based Divisions. DGPT Events fall under criterion C.2 outlined in the policy. DGPT events with the United Series designation my operate under a different criterion.

Event Entry by Qualification 

Some DGPT events (such as but not limited to the DGPT playoffs and the DGPT Championship) are only open to players who qualify via point standings or other methods as determined by the DGPT. 



The PDGA is the regulatory authority for all decisions related to player eligibility at PDGA-sanctioned events, including all DGPT events. Information provided by the PDGA is the basis for all determinations as to any individual player’s eligibility to compete at a DGPT event or group of events.

  • The PDGA will examine all DGPT registration lists and confirm eligibility for all players. The process of determining eligibility happens entirely between the PDGA and the individual player and will occur prior to the start of the event. 
  • Players who are ineligible to compete at a DGPT event may not be able to register for that event until they become eligible. If a player is deemed ineligible by the PDGA after they register for an event, that player may be removed from the event. 
  • If a player is deemed ineligible for any reason, the PDGA will inform the DGPT. Once informed that a player is ineligible for a given event, the DGPT will remove the player from that event.


The DGPT will consider timely requests for accommodation to any of its policies. Any request for accommodation must be made at least 30 days in advance of the event for which an accommodation is requested. Requests for accommodation will be considered in confidence by the DGPT’s Accommodation Review Committee and a response to the requested accommodation will be given within 30 days of when a completed request for accommodation is submitted in writing to Tour Director Jeff Spring. Any request for accommodation must state the identity of the person making the request, the reason for the request, the accommodation requested, the event for which the accommodation is requested and all relevant documentation supporting the request for accommodation.