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The Disc Golf Pro Tour Qualifying Series (Q-Series) is a new stand-alone series introduced in 2024, aimed at providing up and coming FPO and MPO competitors with an additional pathway to earn a 2025 tour card. The series includes multiple PDGA A-tier events across the United States, culminating in a finale in the Southeastern U.S. in November.

Key Points

Structure: Q-Series spans multiple events, leading to a final competition – the Q-Series Finale. The series is designed to award full DGPT tour cards to top performers based on their series performance, with six cards for the Men’s Pro Open (MPO) division and four for the Women’s Pro Open (FPO) division. Additionally, partial tour cards (silver cards) will be made available to regular-season Q-Series champions.

Q-Series Championship: Competitors accumulate points at Q-Series events throughout the season, with the top three finishes counting towards their points total. The finale is open only to those who qualify through the Q-Series points standings or the DGPT World Standings (read more about qualification on the Q-Series Championship tab).

Purpose: As the DGPT continues to grow and competition for Tour Cards becomes more intensive, the Q-Series will serve as the Tour’s minor league in the sense that local and regional pros, as well as up-and-coming players competing on Tour, will be able to earn their spot (tour card) on Tour for the following season. The Q-Series is about celebrating competition and giving competitors a chance to earn their tour card instead of seeking an exemption or qualifying for individual DGPT events in the future.

This series is not only for aspiring professional players seeking to join the tour but also for fans interested in the evolving dynamics and emerging talents in the sport. The Q-Series aims to heighten competition, spotlight new talents, and provide clear, merit-based access to the DGPT.

More Information

Use the tabs on this page to learn more about the Q-Series schedule, points structure, and how Tour Card access will be awarded!




Below you can find the 2024 DGPT Q-Series schedule. For questions on registration, please contact the Tournament Director. 

Event Name Location Date
The 303 Open (reg) Beaver Ranch – Conifer, CO May 9th – 11th 
The 33rd Annual Capital of Texas Open presented by Mint Discs (reg) Sprinkle Valley DGC – Austin, TX  May 17th – 19th 
Cascade Challenge (reg) Shelton Springs Shelton, WA May 24th – 26th 
Infinite Disc Beehive Classic (reg) Fort Buenaventura – Ogden, UT June 13th – 15th 
GRIPeq 42nd Kansas City Wide Open Sponsored by DFX Discs (reg) Bad Rock Creek, Liberty, MO July 12th – 14th
Discraft’s CCR Open Fueled By Great Lakes Disc (reg) Burchfield Park – Holt, MI August 30th – September 1st 
INNOVA RIP Equipped by Diameter
reg) (formerly “Diameter Open”)
Haute Goat – Port Hope Ontario (CA) September 13th – 14th 
Maine State Championships Elevated by Thought Space Athletics (reg) Pineland Farms & Bittersweet Ridge- New Gloucester, ME September 13th – 15th
Mary Sunshine House Classic (Huck Central) (reg) Oconee National – Seneca, SC November 8th – 10th
2024 Jacksonville Open (reg) Fore Palms DGC at Ed Austin Park – Jacksonville, FL November 15th – 17th
Q-Series Finale Olympus DGC – Brooksville, FL November 22nd – 24th


Similar to the DGPT World Standings, the Q-Series will maintain a season-long points standings which will qualify players for the Q-Series finale. Events on the Q-Series will award points to competitors based on event performance using the same points distribution methods as standard DGPT events (100 pts for a win, etc.). 

These Q-Series points and the associated points standings are distinct and separate from the DGPT World Standings. The points earned at Q-Series events only count towards qualifying a player for the Q-Series finale, not the DGPT Championship. Competitors will be allowed to compete at as many Q-Series events as they wish to register for, but the Tour will only count their top three event finishes towards their points standings total.


The 2024 Q-Series finale will be a standard three-round stroke play event with no advantages given to competitors based on points standings position.


The Q-Series finale will be a qualification-only event, meaning that a player must earn their way into the competition. The DGPT will award qualifying spots based on both the season-long Q-Series points standings and the DGPT World Standings. 

In addition to awarding Q-Series finale spots to competitors at the top of the Q-Series points standings, we’re also pleased to offer spots to competitors just outside the cut line for earning full 2025 season tour cards via the DGPT World Standings. Our goal with the Q-Series is to provide an additional pathway to tour card qualification for up-and-coming players. By inviting competitors who fell just shy of earning a tour card via the World Standings, we aim to increase the level of competition at the finale and provide one additional opportunity for up-and-coming players on tour to earn a card instead of applying for an exemption.

Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO and Tour Director.

Division DGPT Q-Series Points Standings DGPT World Standings
FPO Top (25) players qualify* Standings position 46-80 qualify**
MPO Top (50) players qualify* Standings position 91-150 qualify**

*The Q-Series finale is only open to qualified players who have NOT already earned a 2025 tour card after the 2024 DGPT Championship. If a competitor participates in Q-Series events but then earns their 2025 Tour Card via other methods, they will become ineligible to earn more Q-Series points and ineligible to compete at the Q-Series finale.

**The top 45 FPO and top 90 MPO competitors in the 2024 DGPT World Standings will automatically earn 2025 tour cards and are thus ineligible to compete in the Q-Series finale.


The Q-Series will award full tour cards to competitors based on both the Q-Series points standings and the results of the Q-Series finale. Additional partial tour cards (silver cards) will be awarded to individual Q-series event winners as well as to competitors that place high, but not at the top, of the Q-Series finale. For full details, please refer to the table below. 

Player Achievement Awards
Placing in the top 2 (FPO) or top 3 (MPO) in the Q-Series points standings (after the Q-Series finale) 2025 Tour Card
Placing 1st or 2nd in the FPO division at the Q-Series finale 2025 Tour Card
Placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the MPO division at the Q-Series finale 2025 Tour Card
Placing 3rd-5th in the FPO division at the Q-Series finale 2025 Silver Card
Placing 4th-8th in the MPO division at the Q-Series finale 2025 Silver Card
Winning a regular season DGPT Q-Series event 2025 Silver Card

Unlike the DGPT Championship, the Q-Series finale will award points towards the Q-Series points standings. This means that the competitors who qualify for the finale will have an additional points-earning opportunity. 


The champions of each regular season Q-Series event (in both FPO and MPO) will be awarded an exemption spot at a future regular season DGPT event. These exemption invitations cannot be applied to any of the DGPT Playoff events or the DGPT Championship.

Qualified competitors should list three events of their choice and submit them to The DGPT will assist in entry based on registration availability. Entry into events less than 30 days from the start of the competition is not guaranteed. Competitors must pay the registration fee as well as any other fees associated with ratings-based entry.

Should a qualified competitor not be able to find a suitable event in the same season they qualify for the exemption spot, the Tour will allow the competitor to enter into one event of their choosing during the following season.


The DGPT has created a set of displacement rules to ensure fair distribution of tour cards and silver cards among competitors. These rules apply in scenarios where competitors qualify for multiple awards. Below is a simplified explanation:

2025 Tour Card Holders & Q-Series Participation: Competitors who have already secured a 2025 tour card can participate in Q-Series events but won’t be eligible to earn additional Q-Series points, silver cards, or event exemptions. If such competitors place well in a Q-Series event, any benefits (points, silver cards, exemptions) will be awarded to the next eligible player.

Double Qualification Scenarios

Points Standings + Finale Finish: If a competitor earns a tour card based on both their Q-Series finale performance and points standings, the tour card from the finale takes precedence. Subsequently, the tour cards and silver cards for points standings finishers will be reassigned to the next eligible players.

Points Standings + Individual Tour Event Results: Should a competitor qualify for a tour card through both the points standings and their performance at a Tour Event (DGPT Elite Series or PDGA Pro Major), the tour card from the Tour Event is prioritized. Tour cards and silver cards for points standings will then be reassigned to the next eligible players.

Winning a Q-Series Event + Points Standings: If a player wins a silver card in a regular season Q-series event and also earns a tour card through points standings, they will receive the tour card. No additional silver card will be awarded retroactively to the runner-up of the original Q-Series event.

Winning a Q-Series Event + Finale Finish: In cases where a competitor wins a regular season event (earning a silver card) and then secures a tour card at the Q-Series finale, they will retain the tour card. No additional silver card will be awarded retroactively to the runner-up of the original Q-Series event.

Earning Two Silver Cards: If a competitor earns two silver cards in different scenarios (winning a regular season event and placing high in the finale or points series), the silver card from the regular season win is retained. The other silver card will be reassigned to the next eligible competitor.


To participate in a DGPT Q-Series tournament, all competitors must meet the PDGA player requirements for the sanctioning level of the Q-Series event in question and follow any other requirements as set forth by the Tournament Director. Competitors who have already qualified for a 2025 Tour Card may participate in Q-Series events but will be skipped over for the purposes of awarding any associated Q-Series benefits (silver cards, tour cards, exemptions, and points).