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Highlights from the 2023 TruBank Des Moines Challenge presented by Discraft Press Conference

By Michelle Springett

Article written by: Michelle Springett – DGPT Communications Coordinator

The 2023 Turbank Presents Des Moines Challenge starts tomorrow, June 23rd! If you want all the pertinent details on watching the tournament live, check out the Disc Golf Pro Tour event page. We sat down with the pros and tournament staff to hear about what’s on their minds headed into another DGPT Elite Event. The theme of this week’s press conference is playing it safe and playing “boring” disc golf. You can watch the full Press Conference here or below via the DGPT Youtube Channel. Here is what we learned…

Simon Lizotte –

Lizotte played at a B-tier tournament at Clement Farm in Massachusetts this past weekend. Thinking about his past weekend’s performance, he said, “I went in thinking I’m going to play the most boring disc golf I can possibly play. And I ended up with a bogey-free round.” Reflecting on this past weekend’s tournament, Simon wants to see the Tour go “old school” and would love to see the DGPT create at least a tournament stop on a course that has a par somewhere in the 50’s He’d love to play a tournament stop that is more about shot-shaping and utilizing your mid-ranges and putters more. Going into this weekend’s 2023 Des Moines Challenge, he is looking to try and utilize some of last weekend’s safe play mindset and take the momentum from last weekend into this weekend’s tournament.

Kristin Tattar –

Kristin Tattar isn’t at all worried about playing “boring” disc golf. Throwing fun shots may be more entertaining for the viewers, but sometimes the safer “boring” play is good disc golf which helps her earn the win. During the interview, Tattar said, “If it’s working for me, then there isn’t anything for me to fix.”

Hailey King –

Hailey King has been working on the nose angle of her disc and focusing on her fitness. Hailey has been weightlifting, and she mentioned how that has helped her fight through a tough round even at her lowest amount of energy. She’s not only working on her physical, but also focusing on her nutrition and prioritizing heading home for a two-three week break from tour intermittently while on tour. Hailey has also been improving her decision-making skills while on the course by trying to make smarter decisions rather than bold ones.

Hailey King

Hailey King prepping for a shot at the Dynamic Discs Open. Photo: Kevin Huver/DGPT

Paige Pierce –

Paige Pierce went to Bonnaroo this past weekend. Paige went with the mission to bring new people into the sport and was able to give out some free discs to the festival-goers. She also feels that while she is still mostly prioritizing having fun and just playing disc golf, she wants to and is ready to put down a hot score this weekend.

Calvin Heimburg –

During the interview, Calvin Heimburg shared that there have been some interesting new media initiatives this season. However, as a player, he doesn’t always find them enjoyable. Fortunately, the media team has listened to player feedback and made improvements. For instance, the “walk and talk” interviews during a round are great for some players, but not for Calvin, as he prefers to stay focused on the course. Although Calvin doesn’t have a direct boss, he stated that he understands that he is out here for himself, his sponsors, and the people who make it all possible, the audience, and without the audience, there would be no money in the sport.

The 2023 Trubank Presents Des Moines Challenge kicks off tomorrow, June 23rd! Tune into the Disc Golf Network to catch all the action and follow scores on UDisc Live. Can’t watch live? Catch all the lead card action on JomezPro’s YouTube channel for next-day post-produced coverage!

Des Moines Challenge

The Des Moines Challenge acronym set up below a basket at Pickard Park. Photo: Kevin Huver/DGPT.

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