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Presidents Cup 2023: Team USA Seeks to Extend Dominance as Europe Aims for Upset

By Nick Quargnenti

Presidents Cup 2023: Team USA Seeks to Extend Dominance as Europe Aims for Upset

As the disc golf world eagerly awaits the 2023 European Open in Nokia DiscGolfPark, there’s a captivating prelude that promises to set the stage for an unforgettable week of disc golf action. The prestigious Presidents Cup, a thrilling team event between the United States and Europe, will take place on Wednesday, July 19th. Disc golf enthusiasts from around the globe will witness elite players from both continents compete fiercely to determine the best team.

Road to the Presidents Cup:

The Presidents Cup is a compact single-day event that consists of two 9-hole rounds. Players from Team USA and Team Europe go head-to-head, battling for points to establish continental supremacy. The selection process ensures that only the finest disc golfers earn the honor of representing their respective teams, guaranteeing a high level of competition.

Team Selection Process:

The team consists of 11 members: one non-playing captain, two women players, six men players, and two reserve players (one woman and one man), according to the European Open event rules.

  • Captain: Selected by Spin18 and PDGA.
  • Two Women Players: Chosen based on the 2022 year-end Udisc World rankings.
  • Four Men Players: Selected from the 2022 year-end Udisc World rankings.
  • One Man Player: Elected through a fan vote.
  • One Man Player: Handpicked by the team captain.
  • One Woman Reserve Player: Selected based on the 2022 year-end Udisc World rankings.
  • One Man Reserve Player: Chosen based on the 2022 year-end Udisc World rankings.

The selection process ensures a balanced and skilled team, with a mix of talented athletes and fan favorites. The reserve players are ready to step in when needed, making our dream team prepared for any challenge that comes our way.

Team USA’s Dominance:

Team United States has been a dominant force in the Presidents Cup since its inception in 2006. They have consistently emerged victorious going undefeated in all previous iterations of the event, showcasing the depth and talent of American disc golfers. With veterans like Nate Sexton leading the way (as Team USA’s captain) and renowned players like Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Catrina Allen, and Eagle McMahon, Team USA enters the 2023 event as the favorite once again. However, they are well aware that Europe has been narrowing the gap year after year, making this year’s challenge all the more exciting.

Team Europe’s Quest for Glory:

With Karl Johan Nybo from Denmark serving at captain, Team Europe is fueled by a burning desire to end Team USA’s winning streak. The lineup boasts talented individuals from various European countries, including Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, and Norway. Notable players like Henna Blomroos, Kristin Tattar, and Niklas Anttila are set to take the stage, along with the Fans’ Choice Player, Jakub Semerád, and Captain’s Choice Player, Øyvind Jarnes. Team Europe knows they have the skill and determination to challenge their American rivals.

Presidents Cup 2023 Teams:

Team USA:

  • Nate Sexton [Captain]
  • Catrina Allen
  • Missy Gannon
  • Chris Dickerson
  • Paul McBeth
  • Eagle McMahon
  • Ricky Wysocki
  • Calvin Heimburg [Fans’ Choice Player]
  • Isaac Robinson [Captain’s Choice Player]
  • Sarah Hokom [Reserve]
  • Matt Orum [Reserve]

Team Europe:

  • Karl Johan Nybo (DEN) [Captain]
  • Henna Blomroos (FIN)
  • Kristin Tattar (EST)
  • Niklas Anttila (FIN)
  • Joona Heinänen (FIN)
  • Väinö Mäkelä (FIN)
  • Lauri Lehtinen (FIN)
  • Jakub Semerád (CZE) [Fans’ Choice Player]
  • Øyvind Jarnes (NOR) [Captain’s Choice Player]
  • Eveliina Salonen (FIN) [Reserve]
  • Jesse Nieminen (FIN) [Reserve]

Team Changes:

Both teams have made some adjustments to their reserve players ahead of the 2023 event. Team USA’s Sarah Hokom replaced Paige Pierce as the reserve player, and Chris Dickerson, who initially went from reserve to taking Calvin Heimburg’s spot, has replaced Gannon Buhr, making Matt Orum the new reserve player.

Team Europe, on the other hand, replaced Linus Carlsson with Joona Heinänen and added Jesse Nieminen as a new reserve player. Click here to learn more about the President’s Cup selection process and player qualifications.

President’s Cup Format:

The Presidents Cup 2023 will see the participating players divided into four groups of four players per card, comprising three men’s groups and one women’s group. This format promises to intensify the competition, as players will compete against others within their groups, and each group will contribute to the overall points tally for their respective teams. With the stakes at an all-time high, these groups will play a crucial role in determining the winner of this prestigious event.

Tournament Phases: Individual Best Shot and Match Play:

The Presidents Cup consists of two distinct phases that put players’ skills to the test in different ways. Phase 1, known as the “Individual Best Shot,” takes place on holes 1-3, 9-11, and 16-18. During this phase, players will play their best shots individually, aiming to secure the lowest scores possible to earn valuable points for their teams.

Phase 2, aptly named “Match Play,” shifts the focus to head-to-head battles between numbered players on the same set of holes. Once again, holes 1-3, 9-11, and 16-18 will be the battlegrounds for this thrilling contest. Points are up for grabs for each match, adding to the overall team score. All players play 18 holes (unless the game is concluded before that).

Presidents Cup 2023 Points System – The Path to Victory:

Players will be vying for points using a specific system in the Presidents Cup 2023. For the “Individual Best Shot” phase, players can earn 28 points, while the “Match Play” phase offers 24 points. The total points available are 52, and a team must collect at least 26 1/2 points to claim victory in the Presidents Cup.

Round 1 – Individual Best Shot:

In Round 1, both men and women will compete on holes 1-3, 9-11, and 16-18 in the Individual Best Shot phase. A total of 28 points are at stake in this round, distributed as follows:

  • The player with the lowest score will be awarded 4 points.
  • The player with the second-lowest score will earn 2 points.
  • The player with the third-lowest score will receive 1 point.
  • The player with the highest score in the group will not be awarded any points.
  • In the event of a tie, the points in question will be split equally between the tied players, ensuring a fair distribution.

Round 2 – Match Play:

Round 2, Match Play, will once again see men and women competing on holes 1-3, 9-11, and 16-18. This phase provides an opportunity to earn 24 points based on the results of head-to-head matches.

  • The winner of a match play will be rewarded with 3 points.
  • In case of a tie in a match, both players will receive 1 1/2 points each.

In the unlikely scenario of a tie between teams after all holes have been played, a sudden death playoff will take place on holes 16, 17, and 18. Team captains will nominate players for this decisive playoff, adding an extra layer of drama to the competition.

Presidents Cup 2023 Trophy – The Ultimate Reward:

The Presidents Cup trophy awaits the winning team, serving as a symbol of their triumph and dedication. The victorious team will have the honor of keeping the prestigious trophy for one year, and all the team members’ names will be forever engraved on this cherished award, solidifying their place in the history of disc golf.

As the date draws nearer for the Presidents Cup 2023, disc golf enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating the high-octane action, fierce rivalries, and moments of brilliance that will define this remarkable event. The best players from Team USA and Team Europe will clash in a battle of skill, strategy, and determination, creating a spectacle that will be remembered for years to come.

2023 President’s Cup 2023 Event Schedule:

Wed, July 19th Presidents Cup Day
7 am –1:30 pm Course reserved for EO participants
All day Holes 4-8 and 12-15 open for practice
9 am – 7 pm Tournament center open
Noon – 8 pm Discmania Pro Shop open
1:30 pm – 7 pm Presidents Cup -team event
Noon – 8 pm Kiosk open
Noon – 7 pm Street Food area open
Noon – 7 pm VIP -area open

The Presidents Cup 2023 promises to be a gripping spectacle of disc golf excellence, with Team USA eager to maintain their historic dominance while Team Europe seeks to upset the established order. Disc golf fans worldwide are counting down the days until this thrilling showdown in Nokia DiscGolfPark, where the best players from North America and Europe will compete for continental glory. Be sure to mark your calendars for July 19th and witness history in the making as the two continents vie for disc golf supremacy.

Check out a recap of last year’s edition of the President’s Cup, where Team USA managed to grab their 10th win.

And tune in live this year on the Disc Golf Network starting at 1:30 PM EEST | 6:30 AM EDT!

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