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Teeing Off at Harmony Bends – How To Watch The 2023 Mid America Open

By Nick Quargnenti

Article written by: Nick Quargnenti – DGPT Marketing Coordinator

How To Watch The 2023 Mid America Open

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Harmony Bends Disc Golf Course. Gage Hamilton / DGPT

Countdown to MAO: A Preview of What Lies Ahead

Brace yourselves for the upcoming 2023 Mid America Open (MAO), proudly brought to you by Discraft. Prepare to witness top-tier disc golf action as the prestigious tournament takes place at the renowned Harmony Bends disc golf course in Columbia, MO, from July 28th to 30th. This event promises to be an integral part of the 2023 DGPT Silver Event roster, delivering a thrilling and unforgettable experience for all disc golf enthusiasts!

Crafted by the renowned designer John Houck, Harmony Bends stands as the first HouckDesign course in Missouri, solidifying its reputation as the premier disc golf destination in the state and one of the finest courses nationwide. This championship-caliber gem is a tapestry of high-risk, high-reward lines, offering players the chance to soar to new heights or encounter swift challenges that demand skillful finesse to maintain momentum.

As the weekend approaches, players will be embarking on an epic challenge, navigating through sprawling hills, winding creeks, unforgiving out-of-bounds lines, and dense forests of towering trees. These diverse elements come together to create a world-class destination course, ensuring an extraordinary and demanding experience for all participants. Get ready to witness the convergence of nature’s beauty and disc golf prowess as this remarkable course awaits its next set of skilled competitors!

Harmony Bends Disc Golf Course. Gage Hamilton / DGPT

A Look Ahead At This Weekend’s Field

The European Open held in Nokia, Finland, was an awe-inspiring display of tenacity and skill. Amongst the fierce competition, it was Kristin Tattar and Cory Ellis who rose to the top, claiming the well-deserved titles of champions.

Tattar’s performance was truly extraordinary, as she achieved nothing short of brilliance. Not only did she secure her career grand slam, but she also clinched her second Major victory of the year in an impressive fashion, outshining the rest of the field by an astonishing 16 strokes. On the MPO side, Cory Ellis fought relentlessly until the very end, ultimately claiming his first PDGA Major victory. Delve further into the exhilarating action and remarkable feats of this year’s FPO and MPO editions of the European Open!

As the weekend unfolds in Columbia, Missouri, the burning question remains: will we witness the rise of a fresh champion? In the FPO division, all eyes will be on Ohn Scoggins as she makes her return to the Tour, carrying the momentum of her recent triumph in defending her 2023 PDGA Tim Selinske US Masters Disc Golf Championship title. However, Kat Mertsch, who secured a podium finish at last year’s MAO, poses a formidable challenge, determined to make her mark and vie for the top spot.

In the MPO division, all eyes will be on Gannon Buhr, the highest rated player in the field, as he strives for redemption after his 3rd-place finish in last year’s event. With determination in his heart, Buhr is eager to check off another 1st-place victory on his list this season. However, formidable challenges lie ahead, particularly from Matty O. and the sensational Kyle Klein, who comes into this tournament riding high after an impressive showing at the European Open. Only time will reveal if Buhr can maintain his edge and fend off the fierce competition from Matty O. and the blazing hot Kyle Klein!

Get ready for an exhilarating Pro Tour classic that promises to deliver an array of challenges as these skilled competitors vie for glory! Precision and patience will be key factors this weekend, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition. With anticipation at its peak, don’t miss a moment of the action! Tune in to the Disc Golf Network starting Friday, July 28th to catch all the thrilling moments as they unfold.

Bad Rock Creek Disc Golf Course. Gage Hamilton / DGPT


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