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Calvin Heimburg and Andrew Marwede Create Disc Golf History with Dual Aces at the 2023 Ledgestone Open

By Nick Quargnenti

Article written by: Nick Quargnenti – DGPT Marketing Coordinator

Andrew Marwede and Calvin Heimburg at Lake Eureka. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) witnessed a jaw-dropping display of skill and precision on Championship Sunday at the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open, presented by Merrell, as Calvin Heimburg (PDGA# 45971) and Andrew Marwede (PDGA# 75590) delivered a performance for the ages. In an unprecedented sequence of events, the two stars achieved aces just minutes apart, establishing their place in the chronicles of disc golf history.

The thrilling sequence unfolded when Marwede stepped up to the tee on Hole 7 to line up his signature forehand throw, Hole 7 is a 275 ft par 3 at the Lake Eureka Temp course. Anticipation hung in the air as spectators held their breath, witnessing Marwede’s disc gracefully soar through the fairway, honing in on the elusive target. The gallery erupted into cheers as Marwede’s disc collided with the chains. Remarkably Hole 7 was considered one of the easier holes of the day, boasting an average of 2.17 strokes on the final day.

Andrew Marwede During the Final Round at Lake Eureka. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The excitement during the final round of the Ledgestone Open continued to build, just ahead of Marwede, Calvin Heimburg confidently approached the tee on Hole 10, according to sources on the ground, Heimburg and Zach Melton (PDGA #38631) heard the cheers from Marwede’s ace on 7 and Melton guessed that it had to be Marwede, Heimburg subsequently predicted that he would ace the formidable 425 ft par 3 10th which averaged just under par for the day (2.86). Notably, Heimburg found himself in solo-2nd place, fiercely chasing the leader Cole Redalen (PDGA# 79748) from the Chase Card. The stage was set for another moment of brilliance from the #1 ranked player in the world.

Calvin Heimburg Celebrates An Ace During the Final Round at Ledgestone. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Displaying nerves of steel, Heimburg unleashed a throw that seemed almost surreal, as the disc gracefully sailed through the air and found its perfect resting place in the basket. The gallery erupted in sheer amazement as he completed his ace, an astonishing feat that marked the second in just two minutes at the event.

The incredible sequence also earned Heimburg a coveted spot on the SportsCenter “Top 10” list—a remarkable achievement achieved by only a select few disc golfers in history.

The dual aces by Heimburg and Marwede sent shockwaves through the disc golf community, igniting social media with excitement and admiration. Players, fans, and fellow professionals praised the remarkable display, hailing it as one of the most unforgettable moments in disc golf history.

And last but not least, the man himself…

Despite falling short of Redalen in the end, reflecting on the momentous day, Heimburg expressed,

I don’t think I knew it was in (right away), I knew it was tracking really well. It was kind of a weird left-to-right drifting shot that needed to fade a little at the end, but once it started coming out of it, it definitely looked like I had a chance and when it went in it was definitely exciting.

Calvin is no stranger to peculiar occurrences like these dual aces. During the 2022 Preserve Championship, both Heimburg and Simon Lizotte (PDGA# 8332), who were coincidentally on the same card, both scored throw-in eagles (Heimburg on Hole 9, Lizotte on Hole 15) during round 2 at the Airborn Disc Golf Preserve in Clearwater, MN!

The 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open will be forever remembered as the day when Heimburg and Marwede captivated the world with their dual aces. Their unparalleled display of skill and composure under pressure has set a new standard for the sport, leaving a lasting impact that will undoubtedly ignite the aspirations of a new generation of disc golfers. As the disc golf community reflects on this awe-inspiring moment, the question lingers: will we ever witness such a remarkable feat again in our lifetimes? Only time will tell, but the memory of this exceptional day will endure for years to come.

Ledgestone 2023. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

As the DGPT journey continues, players and fans alike eagerly await more moments of brilliance from these exceptional athletes and many others. The enchantment of the Ledgestone Open will linger in the memories of disc golf enthusiasts worldwide, serving as a testament to the limitless potential and excitement this sport brings to the forefront. Undoubtedly, experiencing live and electrifying shots like those from Heimburg and Marwede is unparalleled.

Ledgestone 2023. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Let’s not forget the others who achieved a Ledgestone Tournament Ace…

For all those seeking to witness more unforgettable moments in the world of disc golf, subscribing to the Disc Golf Network is an absolute must. Stay tuned to catch all the heart-stopping action and be a part of the extraordinary experiences that continue to shape the sport’s history, starting with the LWS Open at Idlewild on August 11th!

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