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Current Disc Golf Pro Tour World Points Standings Leaders

By Michelle Springett

Current Disc Golf Pro Tour World Points Standings Leaders

The Latest Standings for the Top Competitors on the Disc Golf  Pro Tour

As of the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open

The first leg of the 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour season is finished! As competitors recover from the first PDGA Pro Major of the year at the 2024 Champions Cup, and the drive from Emporia Kansas (Dynamic Discs Open)to the West Coast begins, let’s take a moment to check in on how things are looking on DGPT World Points Standings.  To get the most out of watching each week, understanding the intricacies of the Tour’s points system is key. Here’s how it works. 

The DGPT World Points Standings reflect player performances throughout the season and dictate who qualifies for the prestigious DGPT Championship at the end of the year. This article will detail who’s at the top, their total tour points, their best finish this season, and their PDGA World Rankings. Let’s delve into the significance of these standings, explore the updated points system for the 2024 season, and highlight the major movements in both the FPO and MPO divisions.

The Significance of DGPT Points

The DGPT World Points Standings serve as a compass for navigating the competitive landscape of professional disc golf. For players, these standings measure consistency and excellence across various events. For fans, they offer insight into the performance trajectories of their favorite athletes, adding layers of excitement and anticipation to each tournament. Also, the World Points Standings determines who is and isn’t qualified to play at the DGPT Championship at the end of the year. 

Overview of the 2024 Points System

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) unveiled its highly anticipated points structure for the 2024 World Standings earlier this year, offering competitors a clear roadmap to the coveted DGPT Championship. Here’s a breakdown of the updated points system, how points are earned from various events, and the criteria for qualifying for the DGPT Championship.

For the 2024 season, the DGPT will maintain two distinct points standings:

  1. DGPT World Standings: This standings list determines spots in the 2024 DGPT Championship.
  2. DGPT Europe Points Standings: Stand-alone standings that award 2025 Tour Cards and bonus payouts to top finishers but do not contribute towards the DGPT Championship.

Points Structure for DGPT World Standings

The points structure for the DGPT World Standings is meticulously designed to reward consistency and excellence across a variety of events:

  • DGPT and DGPT+ Events: With 16 points-eligible standard DGPT events this year, a win at a base-level DGPT event awards 100 points. There are also 4 DGPT+ events that offer increased point values, with a win earning 125 points. Competitors can count their best 10 finishes out of 20 combined events (DGPT & DGPT+) towards their standings over the course of a season. All in all, there are a maximum of 1100 points available between DGPT & DGPT+ events this year. 
  • Playoff Events: Two Playoff events provide an even greater opportunity for point accumulation, with a win worth 150 points. Participants retain both of their finishes for a maximum of 300 points available at the playoffs.
  • PDGA Pro Majors: For FPO, four PDGA Pro Majors are eligible to award points, with a win worth 200 points. Competitors count their best two finishes out of four events, contributing to a maximum of 400 points. For MPO, three PDGA Pro Majors are eligible to award points, with the best two finishes out of three events counting towards a maximum of 400 points.

You can read more about the DGPT 2024 World Standings in the announcement here

Maximum Points Achievable and Qualification Criteria for the DGPT Championship

In total, there are 26 eligible events for FPO and 25 for MPO, offering a maximum total of 1800 points for a perfect season. To qualify for the DGPT Championship, competitors must meet specific criteria:

  • Best Finishes: Across the season, including all DGPT Events and PDGA Pro Majors, competitors keep their best 14 finishes out of 26 for FPO and 14 our of 25 for MPO to accumulate the highest possible points total.
  • Limitations: A maximum of three European DGPT events can count towards the DGPT World Standings, ensuring a balanced representation of global competition.
  • PDGA Pro Majors and DGPT Points: While four PDGA Pro Majors are scheduled for each division, events taking place after the final DGPT playoff event (MVP Open) will not award DGPT points. Thus, in 2024, the USDGC will not contribute to DGPT points. That’s why FPO has one more points-eligible event than MPO (their U.S. Championship happens in the spring). 

Major Movements in the Standings

The 2024 season has seen significant changes in the DGPT World Standings and every throw counts. In the FPO division, one of the biggest moves so far has been by European pro, Eveliina Salonen, who bumped Kristin Tattar from the top spot with her most recent win at the 2024 Champions Cup. Another notable change is Hailey King‘s jump of 5 spots, moving up to the 15th position after her 2nd place finish at the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open.

In the MPO division, Andrew Presnell made his way into the top 10 with a massive 200-point win at the 2024 Champions Cup. Another significant change this season is Gavin Rathburn‘s rise of 7 spots, bringing him to the brink of breaking into the top ten at the twelfth spot. Additionally, both Robinson brothers have made it to the top 20 after the Dynamic Discs Open, with Ezra Robinson holding the seventh spot and Isaac Robinson in the 17th.

The top 20 FPO Pros, the top 20 will make the cut for the 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship.

  1. Eveliina Salonen
  2. Kristin Tattar
  3. Ohn Scoggins
  4. Missy Gannon
  5. Holyn Handley
  6. Henna Blomroos
  7. Rebecca Cox
  8. Ella Hansen
  9. Natalie Ryan
  10. Heidi Lane

The top 20 MPO Pros, the top 32 will make the cut for the 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship.

  1. Anthony Barela
  2. Gannon Buhr 
  3. Richard Wysocki
  4. Niklas Anttila
  5. Calvin Heimburg
  6. Chris Dickerson
  7. Ezra Robinson
  8. Kyle Klein
  9. Andrew Presnell
  10. Matthew Orum


Looking Ahead

As the 2024 season unfolds, the DGPT World Points Standings offer a captivating narrative of triumphs, setbacks, and moments of brilliance. With the DGPT Championship still months away, the competition will only intensify, promising fans matchups and unforgettable performances you won’t want to miss out on. Be sure not to miss out and subscribe to the Disc Golf Network now! As the season progresses, don’t forget to follow the standings closely, celebrate the achievements of your favorite players, and embrace the excitement of professional disc golf at its finest.

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