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DGPT Announces Points and Awards Structure for the 2022 Season

By Charles McCracken

Update: February 21st, 2022. 

For the 2022 season, DGPT Points Standings will be calculated based on players results as follows:

  • DGPT Elite Series: best eight (8) finishes taken out of twelve (12) total events
  • DGPT Silver Series: best three (3) finishes taken out of (8) total events
  • PDGA Professional Majors: best two (2) finishes taken out of four (4) total events*
  • DGPT Playoff Events: both finishes from the two (2) events

The DGPT Points Series Champions will be named at the final playoff event of the season, the 2022 MVP Open at Maple Hill. The invitations for the DGPT Championship and play in qualifier will also be final at that time. 

The points awarded to each competitor will remain the same as they were for the 2021 season. A table with the awarded points structure can be found in this article

*Any events, including PDGA Professional Majors that take place after the final DGPT playoff event (MVP Open at Maple Hill) will not award DGPT points.

For Immediate Release: 

DGPT Announces Points and Awards Structure for the 2022 Season

Tour Championship introduces play in qualifier event for bottom two seeds

February 18th,  2022: The Disc Golf Pro Tour is excited to announce its points and awards structure for the 2022 season. An updated points structure will include PDGA Professional Majors* and make adjustments to points earnings for DGPT postseason events. Silver series events will award 25% of standard DGPT Elite Series points. DGPT playoff events will award 125% and PDGA Professional Majors will award points at 150%. To qualify for the first DGPT playoff event (Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship), players must fall within the top one hundred MPO players or the top fifty FPO players based on tour points. The top sixty-four MPO and top thirty-two FPO will qualify for the second playoff event (MVP Open at Maple Hill).

The Tour Championship will maintain the same format as the 2021 season with thirty-two MPO and sixteen FPO players competing over four rounds with the top four scores from each round advancing. For the 2022 Tour Championship, the top thirty MPO and top fourteen FPO players in tour points will automatically qualify and be granted byes based on their final points standings. 

The two final spots in each division will be determined by a play-in event to be held the Wednesday prior to the start of the event. The 31st and 32nd seeds on the MPO side and the 15th and 16th seeds on the FPO side will automatically gain entry to the play-in event and will be joined by four additional players in each division. These four play-in spots will be reserved for any players who won a DGPT Elite Series event or PDGA Professional Major but did not qualify for the Tour Championship. If there are still spots available, the invitation is passed to the next player(s) in the DGPT points standings. The DGPT retains the right to add players to the play in tournament based on any future COVID-19 disruptions. 

In addition to the silver series and Elite Series events currently on the schedule, the DGPT will host its second Match Play Championship June 16th – 19th in Bailey Colorado at the Bailey Disc Golf Course. Sixteen players from each division will qualify for the match play event with Elite Series winners automatically qualifying and all remaining spots being awarded based on tour points standings after the OTB Open. 

After the conclusion of the Tour Championship, the DGPT will announce its season awards in its first-ever awards show to celebrate the completion of the 2022 season streamed live on the DGN. The season awards are as follows.

Player of the Year

Criteria – 33% Media Vote, 33% Tour Points, 33% Average Finish at PDGA Professional Majors + Tour Championship. 

Rookie of the Year

Criteria – Given to the player with the highest points total who has not played more than 3 combined DGPT Elite Series events, PDGA National Tour events, or PDGA Professional Major events in a single previous season. Players who have competed in two or more PDGA Professional Majors in a single previous season will also be ineligible for the award.

Most Improved 

Criteria – 50% Fan Vote, 50% Media Vote (tiebreaker is DGPT points total).

1st Card All-Stars (4 Players)

Criteria – DGPT Points Standings

2nd & 3rd Card All-Stars (8 Players)

Criteria – 25% Fan Vote, 25% Media Vote, 25% Tour Points, 25% Average Finish at PDGA Professional Majors + Tour Championship. 

The first Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Series event will begin on February 24th in Las Vegas. 

* The DGPT will award 2022 tour points for the following divisions at PDGA Professional Majors: 

  • MPO/FPO at PDGA Professional World Championships
  • MPO/FPO at PDGA Champions Cup
  • MPO/FPO at European Open
  • MPO at United States Disc Golf Championship
  • FPO at PDGA United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships


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