As you know, any disc golf tournament worth its salt, has tons of volunteers. They (ie, you!) are what makes everything possible.

Steve Dodge | Tour Director

author-steveSteve is a optimistic soul that seems to always see an adventure and opportunity. He also tends to always strive to build things that he himself would like to do. From hosting parties in college to building games after college to disc golf tournaments to the pro tour, he is always working to make people happy. Because this makes him happy.

Steve started discing in 1987. In 2003, he helped design Maple Hill with his cousin, Tom Southwick, and has been working to create a sustainable top level disc golf model ever since. Today, with the Pro Tour, the model is working and people are watching. The Pro Tour is the culmination of more than a decade of planning and working. Thanks for watching.

Patrick Graziani | Festival Coordinator

Patrick started playing disc golf in 2009 and joined the PDGA in 2013. He has a passion for organizing and executing events, which led him to volunteer at the 2015 Pro Worlds. He ran his first event in 2015 and was the TD for the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open National Tour event in 2017.

He is a passionate and driven individual who loves the sport of disc golf. He loves being out on the course and taking in all the details of a course that set it apart from others that he has played. His attention to detail, outgoing personality, and respect for the pro side of the game will be a fantastic addition to our team.

Seth Fendley | VP of Public Relations

21122454_10211619480015823_1909153951709141753_oSeth is a determined and driven individual who is always looking to future outcomes. He pushes for success and professionalism at every turn because he believes it makes for better people and a better world. The constant problem solver, Seth is focused on making sure those around him see the fruits of their labors while fostering a team atmosphere. It is in this space where he thrives.

Seth started discing in 2006. He began playing PDGA tournaments in 2012 and in 2014 began helping TD’s at tournaments across his home state of Arkansas. Today, Seth uses his Public Relations degree and skills as a social media manager to ensure the Pro Tour competition and message reaches the masses. He’s obligated to say if you do not already follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter you should probably go do that now.

Sean Jack | VP of Partnerships

sean-jackSean manages business development for an event discovery website in San Francisco. He grew up in MA and moved to SF in 2008 with his wife for a “few” years. He has been addicted to event planning and production since high school where he hosted a rock show for 1000+ attendees before graduation.

While trail running at Borderland State Park, he heard the inimitable sound of the chains – and the addiction took over immediately. He somehow made the cut at the 2008 Vibram Open and developed a friendship with Steve Dodge. Sean has worked with the DGPT before launch on tour partnerships. He strives to land the proverbial big fish of advertisers outside our ecosystem. After running several events for the San Francisco Disc Golf Club, he is thrilled to host the first DGPT event in CA – The SF Open.

Miles Parkhill | VP of Operations

miles-parkhillMiles knows how to get things done, what ever the task. He loves a Challenge. Starting his printing business in high school, never imagining he would be where he is today. Spending his 20’s playing the drums in the band Park and touring the country playing concerts in over 40 states. Now when ever he is not working he most enjoys spending time with his Wife Courtney and his daughter Drew.

Coming from a background of music and skateboarding, disc golf has been a natural progression in his life since 1995. Starting playing in San Diego at Morley field while visiting his father in the summer. In 2009 started Paragon Disc Golf to help disc golf clubs with apparel and bag tags. Since then has grown with the sport and works with clubs and tournament directors around the world. This is actually how Miles and Steve met.

Matt Krueger | UDisc Stats Director

matt-kruegerMatt is a software engineer from Minneapolis, Minnesota who is (conveniently) addicted to disc golf. In 2012 he found a way to combine his two favorite hobbies, resulting in the birth of UDisc. In Matt’s spare time he tends to his pets: 1 dog, 2 cats and 3 chickens.

Matt and Josh created UDisc Live – the premier instant scoring platform for disc golf. Matt works behind the scenes to make sure runs smoothly, social media posts are timely, and fields phone calls from Drew Gibson after each round to make sure his Circle 2 putts were entered accurately.

Terry Miller | Video Production Director

terry-millerTerry is one of the most knowledgeable disc golf resources in the world. He has been pushing the media side of the sport for close to a decade. He is always able to get the scoop and then determine a great way to push the info to the public.

Terry’s most recent creation, SmashboxxTV, is the live broadcast solution chosen by the Pro Tour. His team produces good quality live coverage and continues to push to improve. Between his drive, creativity, friendly persona, and depth of knowledge, Terry is an invaluable resource.