Tour Pass Options:

  • Full Tour Passes will be on sale until 12/31/20
  • After 12/31/20 events with registrations opening on 1/1/21 will be removed from the Tour Pass for purchase.
  • 72 total Tour Passes will be sold.

New for 2021 – Choose your own Tour
Players may select individual events for their Tour Pass. The requirement is that at least 50% of the Elite Series Tour be represented to complete a purchase.

Also new for 2021 – Silver Series events can be included in the Tour Pass.

Pricing Details:

  • Pro Tour registration fees in 2021 will be $250/event for Men and $200/event for Women.
  • Silver Series registration fees in 2021 will be $150/event for Men and $100/event for Women.
  • The Tour Pass pricing is equal to the sum of the registration fees for each event included.

Tour Pass Policies:

  • Tour Passes are designed for professional disc golfers who plan to commit to at least half of the Tour or more in 2021.
  • Tour Passes are open for purchase by three categories
    • FPO players rated 900+ and MPO players rated 1000+ OR
    • 3+ DGPT events played in 2020 with a minimum player rating of 970 OR
    • Top 72 MPO / Top 36 FPO in DGPT Standings.
  • If under 1000/900 rated, but you qualify through another method, contact for a passcode to register.
  • Players close to those marks who would like to purchase a Tour Pass, with reasons such as injury or time off affecting their rating, should reach out to the DGPT if they would like to purchase a pass.
  • Event refunds will be in line with the PDGA refund policy, which all DGPT events follow.
  • The DGPT will be responsible for all refunds.
  • No Tour Pass Refunds will be processed until February 1, 2021.
  • FULL Tour Pass Holders will be granted full refunds up until 24 hours before an Elite Series event begins.