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The PDGA “Elite Series” is a designation used for a tour of professional events approved as a PDGA Elite Series by the PDGA Board of Directors, where points are earned by players towards crowning a tour champion.

These events and series are to promote the sport of disc golf and the PDGA in a positive light consistent with the PDGA mission, cater to the MPO and FPO divisions only (more specifically, those on the “Premier Pros” list), and bring a high level of exposure to the sport through national and international media coverage.  Simply put, Elite Series events provide an overall positive impact on the sport of disc golf and serve to enhance the PDGA mission.

For a series of events to be designated as a PDGA Elite Series, all events comprising the series, as well as the series itself, must show a track record of success to include the sustainability of the organization, both financially and in its execution with the ability to repeat each season. Each event in the series must be sanctioned as an A-Tier (or above), and must consistently maintain or surpass the competition standards practiced at the National Tour level as defined by PDGA Tour Standards, as well as the individual event contracts with our Elite Series event hosts.

The Disc Golf Pro Tour is proud to carry the PDGA Elite Series designation alongside the PDGA’s own National Tour.