Weekly Review

The Power Rankings are an analysis of the 2017 season. After the Tour Championship, we will be able to announce our 2017 Player of the Year, which will be the player that has the highest winning percentage against quality players at premier events.


July 18, 2017

There was only one qualifying event this week, the Prodiscus Estonian Open. On the men’s side, it had an impact, while most of the women stayed in the states.

Simon Drops, Paul and Ricky continue to battle

Being at the top means there is less room to move up – and a lot of room to move down. At the Prodiscus Estonian Open, which had ten 1000 rated players, Simon Lizotte finished fifth. He earned four losses (to the four players that beat him) and five wins (to the five players he beat or tied). While most mortals would think that was a quality finish, as far as the Power Rankings go, that was subpar for Simon. His win percentage dropped from 90.1% to 89%, enough to cost him two spots in this weeks rankings. Nate Sexton and Cale Leiviska were the beneficiaries, as they both moved up one spot.

Eagle McMahon tied Ricky Wyscocki for second place. This increased his win percentage by .6%, enough to move him up two spots thanks to the poor showing by Jalle Stoor, who dropped three spots.

Ricky Wysocki, who has even less room to move up than Simon Lizotte, cards the second place finish and drops .2%. Meanwhile, the man he is chasing, Paul McBeth’s dominating first place finish, which the Power Rankings would expect, increases his win percentage by a tiny .07%.

Here are Paul and Ricky’s wins and losses against Quality Players at Qualifying Events this season:

  • Paul McBeth / 296 Wins / 7 Losses
  • Ricky Wysocki / 365 Wins / 13 Losses

We are halfway through the season and, in looking at the numbers, every loss counts. Bigly. While Ricky has nearly a third more wins than Paul, his losses are almost double. He will have an opportunity to make up some ground at the European Open, but with a clearly refocused Paul McBeth in his sights, he has got a serious challenge. We will have to watch to see how things setup for the second half of the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

New Faces?

Henna Blomroos won the Prodiscus Estonian Open. If she decides to compete at the European Open next week, she could launch herself into the top 15. The only top 15 woman to compete at a qualifying event this weekend was Evelina Salonen. Her 6th place finish caused her to drop two spots to 9th, now one spot behind Lisa Fajkus.


July 11, 2017

As the second half of the season gets into full gear, the players have a couple more weekends to pick and choose among many quality events. The top women split up and each took home a victory. The tip top men battled in Europe, giving several Europeans a shot at earning some qualifying points to break into the Top 25.

Men Jockey for Position

While the women had four qualifying events, the men only had two and our Power Rankings leader, Paul McBeth, took the weekend off. At the Skellefte√• Open, Ricky Wysocki beat out Teemu Nissinen by one stroke for the win. This was Teemu’s second qualifying event, so his 81% winning percentage does not have enough data behind it to put him in the rankings, but if he did he would be the 7th best player in the world. Cale Leiviska beat out Paul Ulibarri at The Majestic.

Women Win

With the exception of Valarie Jenkins, who got second to Paige Pierce in Colorado, all of the top women took home wins on this disparate weekend.

  • Paige Pierce wins at Rocky Mountain Womens presented by Dynamic Discs.
  • Catrina Allen racks up the win at The Majestic.
  • Ragna Bygde Lewis wins at the Skellefte√• Open.
  • Sarah Hokom wins at the BC Open presented by Innova.


July 4, 2017

The week after Pro Worlds is traditionally a quiet week in the pro side of disc golf and last weekend was no different. On the Men’s Side, the Delaware Disc Golf Challenge was the only qualifying event. On the Women’s Side, the Red White and BOOOM tournament in Dayton, OH also qualified.

Welcome to the Top 25

Manabu Kajiyama’s 38th at Pro Worlds qualified him for the Power Rankings, landing him in 28th. His fourth place finish in Delaware moved him up to 25th (52.7%), knocking Drew Gibson to 26th at 52.6%.

Another name to watch is Andrew Fish. He does not yet have enough qualifying points to be ranked. If he can maintain his 81% winning percentage over a couple more events, it would put him solidly in the top ten.

McBeth, Wysocki, and most of the other big names took the weekend off and there was no movement in the top 24.

No Movement

On the Women’s Side there was no movement as most of the top players took the weekend off. Lesli Todd and Hannah Leatherman pulled off good wins and increased their winning percentages a bit.


June 27, 2017

It’s Tuesday, and that means it is time for the Power Rankings update. With Worlds being the lone event from last weekend, players had an opportunity to make some moves.

McBeth Wysocki Battle

On the men’s side, Paul McBeth, the top ranked player in the world, bested everyone in the field except Ricky Wysocki, good enough to increase his win percentage from 97.5% to 97.61%. Ricky Wysocki, now a 2X World Champion, who has traded the top spot with McBeth for over a year, increased his win percentage by over .5% to 96.66%, less than 1% behind McBeth.

Big Jump Ups

Chris Dickerson jumped 11 spots with his 5th place finish, increasing his win percentage by 13%. Calvin Heimburg’s 12th place finish raised his win percentage by 18%, jumping him 15 spots to 24th. Simon Lizotte and JohnE McCray, who tied for third at Pro Worlds, both jumped two spots to 3rd and 6th respectively.

Precipitous Falls

On the downward side, Dave Feldberg (57th) and Josh Anthon (29th), lost double digits to their win percentages, dropping to 21st and 17th respectively. They only have four events under their belt this season, so with a couple solid finishes look for them to bounce right back.

Women’s Side

On the women’s side, there really is only one story so far this year: Paige Pierce. Against quality opponents, she is 197 & 3, winning over 98% of the time. This season is as dominant as Catrina Allen’s 2016 campaign. If she can keep up this pace, it will be very interesting to compare this season to the most dominant seasons of our sport.

Moving On Up

Valarie Jenkins (2nd) and Lisa Fajkus (3rd) had great finishes at Pro Worlds. Valarie passed Sarah Hokom to reclaim the 3rd spot in the Power Rankings while Lisa Fajkus gained over 6 points in her win percentage. She moved into the 8th spot and is just 3% behind Hannah Leatherman in 5th.