The DGPT provides select images of each event for public use on social media. Images can be downloaded, free of charge for editorial use. By downloading images from the DGPT SmugMug public access albums, users agree to abide by the following terms:

No commercial use or resale of images, including no promotion of products or services. Editorial use only.

All photos must tag and credit @discgolfprotour.

Improper use of content or failure to properly accredit the DGPT will result in loss of use of images. 

Remixing, editing, or using these images for artistic purposes is encouraged. If you’d like to use any DGPT images to promote a product (commercial purposes), you can license them from the larger album for the event in question which can be found on the DGPT SmugMug landing page.


In most cases, the Disc Golf Pro Tour will make the following images available over the course of any given tour event. These images will not become publicly available until the morning after each round.

Public Access Album – 2022 Dynamic Discs Open

Public Access Album – 2022 OTB Open presented by MVP Disc Sports

Public Access Album – 2022 Portland Open Presented by Dynamic Discs

Public Access Album – 2022 Beaver State Fling

Public Access Album – 2022 Match Play Championship 

Public Access Album – 2022 Preserve Championship Designed by Leiviska Disc Golf

Public Access Album – 2022 United States Women’s Disc Golf  Championships Presented by Innova

Public Access Album – 2022 LWS Open at Idlewild presented by Dynamic Discs & The Nati

Public Access Album – 2022 PCS Sula Open presented by Innova

Public Access Album – 2022 European Open presented by Discmania

Public Access Album – Discraft Great Lakes Open Presented Grip6

Public Access Album- Mid-America Open presented by Discraft

Public Access Album- Discraft Ledgestone Open presented by Bushnell