Players Playing the Pro Tour

The Pro Tour is not just the best venues and the best events, it is also the best players. These (and others) are the players that will thrill us, capture our imagination, and if we are lucky, bring us great happiness with some incredible drives, saves and putts. Also, our bet is that a few players not even on this list get us excited about the “Any Given Sunday” idea being real in disc golf too. They are the reason we watch. Pick the players you like, follow them on Facebook, and root for them in our events.

We believe it is time to create a Disc Golf Pro Tour. By watching events in person, through live broadcasts, and recap shows, discers have demonstrated that they are ready to watch quality, competitive disc golf at the highest levels.


The Disc Golf Pro Tour is a series of five events, all of which are PDGA A-Tiers or above. Players will earn Tour Points for attending events and earn additional points for top finishes. Each event, in addition to being a qualifying points event for the Tour Championship, is a premier stand alone event with a great payout, course and amenities.

All players that compete in any of the Disc Golf Pro Tour events will earn Pro Tour Points and will be competing on the Pro Tour. The following players have reserved spots in all five of the Pro Tour events. This is not a complete list of players that will play in all or more of the events, but the following 24 players are our inaugural Pro Tour players and we look forward to seeing all of them on tour. Here is to a great 2016. Watch. And grow the sport.

Pro Tour Points and Finals Payout

The Pro Tour and PDGA Events Map


In 2017, we will be asking players to join the DGPT. Ideal candidates will be:

  • PDGA members
  • 1000+ rated (MPO) or 870+ rated (FPO)
  • Able to attend at least 80% of the events, plus the finals
  • Able to donate time (about three hours every two weeks) to help promote the tour
  • Exemplars of the culture of the disc
  • Able to pay the pro tour membership fee (most of which goes back to the player through discounts into the events)

For the touring players, the Pro Tour will:

  • Provide a centralized Pro Tour website and social media pages
  • Increase¬† average MPO & FPO payout, while decreasing your costs
  • Increase the number of disc golf spectators and the value of you as a brand
  • Include each player’s profile video on the website and live during an event
  • Compile embeddable statistics, standings, and rankings
  • Broadcast each event live and produce a recap / preview / interview show
  • Create the sport’s first set of Disc Golf Pro Tour player trading cards
  • Minimize the number of courses played at each event
  • Create a sensible tour saving gas money and driving time
  • Provide a uniform look, feel and expectation for the venues
  • Ensure events are well staffed and amenities taken care of
  • Send out weekly newsletters to our fans about upcoming events