2018 Partners Wanted

Review and download the 2018 DGPT Partner Deck. We also have many a la carte opportunities and can work with you to create custom packages. Email us for more information.

2018 Partner Deck Cover

2017 Partners

The Governing Body of our Sport

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All Pro Tour events are PDGA Sanctioned and will proudly abide by all PDGA rules and regulations. Both organizations work tirelessly to promote the sport of disc golf and working together we will be able to accomplish even more. We look forward to great things for disc golf as a whole as well as continuing to build on our strong relationship with the PDGA.With the 2017 Memorial presented by Discraft, the first event of the Pro Tour Season, just over three months away, we are proud to start rolling out some of our fantastic sponsors.

Premier Partners

We are very proud to welcome aboard Innova Discs as a Premier Partner for the 2017 season. Innova, the creator of the first modern disc (bevel edged), continues their strong commitment to growing the sport through this partnership with the Pro Tour. Together we will bring about the modern age of disc golf. Paul McBeth leads Team Innova on tour.

Discraft has been a Premier Partner since the beginning. Additionally, there will be some very special discs coming out of the Discraft labs that are unique to the Pro Tour for 2017. Discraft continues to push the envelope in their discs and materials as well as supporting the growth of the sport and Pro Tour! Nate Doss is their ultra-star.

With 125+ years of disc golf experience and 25+ World Titles, the founders of Prodigy Disc met the challenge of producing discs that would work for all deliveries & power levels head on. They introduced their line of discs to the highest ranked players in the world. Catrina Allen, Cale Leiviska, Jeremy Koling and Paul Ulibarri lead their charge.

Festival Partners

DGA, the company behind the creation of disc golf, and more importantly Disc Tac Toe, is again a Premier Partner of the Pro Tour. They continue to push the envelope of basket technology and are revitalizing their disc line with several new discs in the last year. Shasta Criss and Jon Baldwin head up the DGA Team.

Dynamic Discs is coming aboard as a Festival Partner. They will continue to push the envelope with their Marksman Challenge at the Festival of the Flying Discs. DD makes products designed to make you a better golfer. Like the Pro Tour, they are not afraid to think outside the box. Drew Gibson, Eric McCabe and others will represent Team DD on tour.

MVP Disc Sports, a Festival Partner with the DGPT, makes every disc via their two part molding process to create some truly special discs. The MVP Portal Putting Pole will thrill and challenge festival goers. Give it a try for your chance to win an MVP basket! We are proud to welcome aboard MVP and their amazing team.

DGPT Partners

We are proud to announce our partnership with Prodiscus, which is based in Finland. They have hired Baker Helton to be their tour manager for 2017 and we look forward to seeing Baker and the Prodiscus RV at all of the DGPT events. Watch for your chance to win Prodiscus gear and discs during the live broadcast and at the festival.

Vibram Disc Golf will again be a partner with the Pro Tour. We are excited to see what the Vibram labs are able to create for the DGPT this time around as their discs were some of the best selling discs the Pro Tour has ever made. With a revamped team, some new discs and materials coming out, and the inclusion of the soling and FiveFingers aspects of the brand on tour, Vibram will be a brand to watch in 2017.

Latitude 64 has been making golf discs for more than a decade. Their commitment to quality is evident by the fact that some of their very first discs are still on the market. Through their US distribution partnership with Dynamic Discs and the fact that the #1 ranked player in the world throws Lat 64 discs, we are proud to help them expand their reach in North America.

The official Disc Golf Cart of the Pro Tour

If 2016 was the year of the cart, then 2017 is setting up to be an even bigger year for the disc golf cart. Check out the amazing offerings over at Zuca now! We will be giving away one customized tournament cart at each event through the Festival of the Flying Discs (and will have one other for sale). Come play and win. Zuca is the industry leader in the disc golf cart segment and we are proud to be continuing our wonderful partnership with this great brand.

The official Footwear of the Pro Tour

Keen is a leader in the footwear industry and is focused on getting people outside, having fun, and being a positive and active force in the world. We are proud to again partner with this segment leader. Over the course of the season, we will be giving away 100 pairs of KEEN shoes through the Festival of the Flying Discs and our Tournament Partnership Program.

The official apparel partner of the Pro Tour

Dude is an industry leader in disc golf apparel. Their clothing is designed with the disc golfer in mind, from the fit and look, to the quality materials and stitching. If you are looking to feel great, and look great, out on the course, Dude clothing is for you. We are excited to partner with Dude again for the 2017 season.

The offical Light up the Night partner of the Pro Tour

The Nite Ize Night Event, with its version of Light Up Polish Horseshoes and a lit up glow round, will be one of the most fun and exciting features of the Festival of the Flying Discs. Come on by, celebrate the fun, quality, and ingenuity that is Nite Ize. Oh yeah, you can win cool Nite Ize gear too!

The official Drinkware of the Pro Tour

Silipint is the creator and industry leader in silicone drinkware. Through our partnership with them in 2016, we were able to create one of the most fun sports collectibles disc golf has ever seen. In 2017, working together, we were able to step it up and create even more exciting opportunities for collectors. This is an amazing company and we are proud to be partnering for yet another season.

The official mini of the Pro Tour

We are proud to announce that
Zing Minis has come aboard as a Pro Tour Partner and will be The Official Mini of the Pro Tour. Zing has several models of minis, ranging from easy flying putter minis to fast flying drivers down to the Pico mini, which fits perfectly over a 12 oz can. The DGPT Zing minis will be stamped with multiple different stamps and will be on sale at Pro Tour stops starting in the next few weeks. Please join us in welcoming aboard Zing Minis!

The official Disc Color Printer of the Pro Tour

Disc Stalker is the leading printer of full color golf discs and the Pro Tour is proud to partner with them to bring amazingly crisp and clean prints to the tops of the discs of many of our partners. With their help, we were able to create our first run of serialized golf discs and we are excited to expand our offerings in the future.

Multi-Card Coverage:

Andrew Rich
Alan Barker
Tim Carter
Bobby Recher
Douglas Williams
Jeff Evans
Utah Open (Jade)
Jason McMillen
Birk Ellis
Shannon Lisenbee
Christopher Hower
Elena Novik
Mike Milne
Sean Jack
Steve West
Stuart Mullenberg
Charlie Booras
Eric Berlent
Brad Pietz
Rob Bullen
Ryan McNabb
Rodney Havens
Josh Connell
Shawn H Marsh
Dave Dietz
Joe Canali
Chris Collette
Jeremy Sand
Roger Crain
Scott Comeaux
Matt Grayum
Cody Dunn
Steven Dodge
Jason Courtis
Jared Fougner
Franklin Sullivan
Alex Lee
Brendan Cline
Sergio Correa
Adam Morris
Ry Thompson
Marc Balgavy
Robert Jones
Eric Teddy
Alan Sandidge
Anthony Lyons
Chris booker
Lynn Henriksen
Cody Sawin
Tyler Simons
Benjamin Finholt
Ken Gary
Paul McAskill
Rick LeBeau
Danny Hanson
Jim Castillo
Marco Pinchot
Eric Vogelpohl
Anthony Cavalieri
Mike Downes
Michael Chambers
Brian Larson
Paul Oldfather
Mark Griese
Joel Kamoske
Bobby Brown
Dustin Skorupinski
Ben Kroll
Isaac Bromberg
Chris Hussung
Erik Suvanto
Darrell Thweatt
Rob Martin
David Kallio
Dan Breidenstein
Stephen Scansaroli
Eric Boughton
Marc Howard
Tyler McBrian
Marcus Roberts
Eric Nichols
Ralph Hammond
Marcus Burks
Drew Smith
Chris Grazioso
Peter Karl
Brian Cole
Leonard Muise
Marshall Koon
Nick Grgas
Scott Belchak
Tom Elder
David Turnbeaugh
Alice Denomme
Chad Hall
Matthew Pastelok
Jeff Fleury
Dennis Thygesen
Luke Butch
Brenton Zurheide
Juha Heino
Kevin Conger
James MacRae
Alan Spies
Joakim Bank Lauridsen
Jeremy Beam
Adam Christianson
Sean Konover
Jimmy Conover
Brian Rowe
Terry Kenney
Jenny San Filippo
Martin Karlsson
Chris Beyer
Patrick Waggoner