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Wysocki dethrones McBeth for #1 Power Ranking

For the past three years, Paul McBeth has been ranked #1 in the world. On August 2nd, 2016, Ricky Wysocki dethroned the once untouchable McBeth. For over six months, McBeth’s adjusted winning percentage* was over 99%.
Since the Memorial, his AWP has slowly come back to the mortal, currently sitting at 95% (322-18). Also since the Memorial, Wysocki has been slowly, steadily, purposefully closing the gap. Wysocki’s victory at the Majestic, coupled with McBeth’s 12th place finish, pushed Wysocki’s AWP to 97% (372-10), enough to overtake McBeth and start the reign of Wysocki.

Only time will tell how long Ricky will maintain his #1 ranking, but it has got to be a pretty good sign for him to become the #1 ranked player in the world the week before the PDGA Pro Worlds begins.