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We are all in this together…

Disc golf and disc sports have a unique beginning.  The first popular flying disc, the Frisbee, came into the world at the same time as the hippy movement, which celebrated peace, love and understanding. Societies work better when they work together and the hippy movement recognized this.
It is better to sit and talk and listen rather than to presume, fear, and hate. It is better to work with others rather than against. It is better to understand where others are coming from, to accept our differences, and to embrace everyone’s unique perspective.

There are two compelling reasons to grow the sport. The first is personal. The second is a bit deeper.

Disc golf is an easy to learn, earth-friendly, social, lifetime activity. With the continuing rise of inactivity levels and obesity rates, it is important to let the world know about a sport that has a low barrier (one disc) to start and is easy to continue to play. Additionally, people are happier when they interact (face to face) socially with other people, when they are a part of something bigger, and when they are closer to nature. Disc golf gives us a reason to participate with our friends, play in leagues or tournaments, or even run an event. It gets us outside, into a positive group, fun with our friends and friends to be. It is a positive for our mind, body and our soul.

There is a concern about disc golf growth. If disc golf grows without embedding disc culture in our roots, it is possible, as the mainstream joins us, that our disc culture gets lost. For the Pro Tour, it is critical to maintain the culture of the disc. The Spirit Award, which is borrowed from Ultimate , will be an integral part of the Pro Tour. At both the Player’s Meeting (regional discer) and the Awards Ceremony (player in the tournament), we will honor a discer with the Pro Tour Spirit Award. This award will symbolize the significant culture of the disc that we all work to embody.

Disc golf, and all disc sports, can transform society, but only if it grows with a purpose. The flight of a well thrown disc puts us in awe. It is a powerful emotion. When we share in the perfect flight of a disc, we become bound. We are transformed. That is my goal when I talk about growing the sport. A society that relishes competition, but with a paradigm shift where we compete with people instead of against people. We cheer other discers successes, knowing full well it just made our job tougher. We celebrate the flight of the disc. We are discers.

​Giving, understanding, accepting, competing, including, enjoying. This is disc golf, and we want to spread it to the world.