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Navigating the Upgrade: Your Access Guide to the New Disc Golf Network (Updated)

By Charles McCracken

This article has been updated for the Invitational and contains new information that was not available during All-Star Weekend. 

If you’re a current Disc Golf Network subscriber, you may notice that the platform looks different than in years past.

This is because Disc Golf Network recently went through a major update and migration to a new primary platform provider. The Network has also recently announced its 2024 live media plan, which includes multiple subscription plan options and upgraded features for all subscribers.

If you are an active Disc Golf Network subscriber, you might need to take a few steps to ensure that you can log in and watch content on the new platform this season!

This article will help guide you through the steps needed to access the new platform and avoid any issues with playing the stream. If you experienced issues watching the 2024 All-Star Weekend coverage, it’s likely that your issues were related to one of the topics detailed below.

The fastest and easiest way to address any issues you may encounter is to read the information below and take the steps suggested to ensure that your account is properly connected, that your app is updated, and that you’re watching on a supported device. However, if you need additional resources, you can explore DGN’s extensive support knowledgebase or submit a customer support ticket.

Here’s how to make sure you’re all set up to watch DGN this weekend and the rest of the year!

You may need to restore your subscription

If you pay for your DGN subscription via an in-app purchase (IOS, Android, or Roku), you may need to restore your subscription in order to watch. 

  • If you were trying to watch All-Star weekend and the content on DGN appeared as “locked,” but you know you’re a paying subscriber, this is likely the solution to your problem.
  • This step is NOT needed if you are paying for your DGN subscription directly via the website, meaning that you’re not paying for your subscription via an in-app purchase.
  • Find instructions at this link → How can I restore my subscription?

You may need to uninstall and reinstall the DGN app on your viewing devices

All DGN apps were updated during the recent migration to allow for a higher-quality stream this season. If you’re having issues accessing your account or watching content, you should first delete your DGN app from all viewing devices and download it again from your app store. This will ensure that you’ve got the most up-to-date version. We recommend doing this for all devices you plan to watch on, including mobile devices and Smart TVs.

You may need to check to make sure that your viewing devices can support the new DGN app

Because of the update to all apps to allow for higher streaming quality this season, some subscribers may need to watch on a different device moving forward. This is because certain older devices may not have the minimum requirements to run the upgraded apps. For example, many older Amazon FireTV devices do not support the updated and upgraded DGN application.

  • You can view Disc Golf Network’s list of supported platforms at this link → Supported platforms

If you’re watching on an older mobile device or an older SmartTV, you can double-check the system requirements for your device to make sure that your device supports the updated app.

What should I do if I am used to watching DGN on a device that doesn’t seem to support the updated app?

If you’re used to watching DGN on a device that no longer supports it, you may be able to smooth things out by updating the core operating software for your device. If you have a software update available on your device, we recommend installing that and checking it against the minimum system requirements listed here → Supported platforms.

  • If you’re unable to update your software to meet the minimum requirements for running the app, you’ll need to watch on one of DGN’s other supported platforms.
  • TIP: If your current TV does not support DGN, you can try casting to your TV from a web browser or a supported mobile device. Not all TVs support casting, but many do. If you cast to your TV from your phone or laptop/desktop, your viewing experience will be largely the same!

In a pinch, you can also connect a computer directly to most TVs via HDMI cable and then watch DGN via a web browser.

What happens when you download the new DGN app to a device that doesn’t support it?

Two things could happen if you try to use the DGN app on an unsupported device.

  1. You may not be able to start watching live broadcasts. The upgraded live stream is not supported on older devices, so you won’t be able to watch it. You might be able to play old content from 2023 or before, but you won’t be able to watch live content.
  2. Your live broadcast stream may start, but it will not function correctly. If you’re trying to watch on an unsupported device, the stream might start, but you could see big delays between the audio and video feeds and other playback interruptions, such as playback appearing in slow motion, the stream stopping and starting, or falling out of sync.

Need some extra help after reading this? Explore additional articles below or fill out a support ticket.

Choosing your subscription plan (upgrading and downgrading)

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your account, you can make that change yourself! Here are the resources you need:

Read more about the subscription plans here, and learn more about upgrading and downgrading here.

Managing your payment information

If you’re paying via an in-app purchase, you’ll need to update your app-store payment settings. But, if you are paying directly through the website and need to change the card on file with DGN, follow these steps – How do I manage my credit cards?

Logging in on the Web

  • The URL for DGN is unchanged –
  • Go to this page and click on “login” in the top right corner.

If you need to, reset your password! 

  • You can easily reset your password on this page.

If you’re a PDGA member, you can connect your accounts for a discount! 

More resources on DGN apps!

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