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UDisc Live Updates for 2018

We’re just a day away from the start of the 2018 DGPT Season and I’d like to highlight a few improvements to the UDisc Live scoring platform for our third year partnering
with the Disc Golf Pro Tour. We’re really excited to help tens of thousands of disc golf fans stay connected to the tournaments and root for their favorite pros.
Throw Tracker Follow updates in real time with updates after every throw. The throw tracker lets you know if a drive landed in Circle 1 or OB and how many throws each player has taken. We piloted the throw tracker at the 2017 DGPT Championship and enhanced it in the offseason and it will be featured at every event this season.

Learn More about the Players We enhanced player profiles to show sponsor information, links to their social profiles and websites, and a short bio section. Updates to profiles can be submitted by anyone. If you or a friend is playing an event this year please click the Edit button and submit an update.

We also added a search bar to the players page so you can quickly look up your favorite pro and view their schedule and stats.

Tournament Information We added a new Info tab for every tournament:

  • Quick access to the tournament website and PDGA results page
  • Media coverage and links to videos, articles, and images
  • Current registration

UDiscLive also now has full Metric support so if you’d rather see distances in meters flip the switch at the very bottom of the page.
Many more updates are on the way – have a suggestion? Please email me at
Visit to follow scores and stats live for every Disc Golf Pro Tour event this year, view season stats and standings and browse the schedule.
Need a refresher on the stats we track? Check