Tour Championship Tiebreakers


With the new format of the Tour Championship, the tiebreakers are going to be an integral part of the competition. Also, with the tiebreakers, the order of finish in the Tour Points takes on an even larger role.

To get into MPO Quarterfinals / FPO Semifinals

All players that tied for 48th MPO, 12th FPO will qualify.
Players must finish in the top 48 MPO, top 12 FPO to qualify (no shows will not be filled).

MPO Quarterfinals

Ties will be broken by Tour Points.
The top 8 in the Quarterfinals will advance to the Semifinals.
The top 8 in Pro Tour Points will have byes into the Semifinals. If a player is in the top 8 in Pro Tour Points and does not play, all players will shift up one, meaning ninth would become eighth.

MPO & FPO Semifinals

Three hole playoff, holes 18, 1 & 2. Sudden death.
If tied after the three holes, higher Tour Points wins.

Card playoffs are performed first if one player is tied for a card winner and wildcard spot. Higher Tour Points chooses who goes first in the wildcard.

MPO & FPO Finals

Three hole playoff, holes 18, 1 & 2. Sudden death.
Repeat holes until a hole is won.

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