Top Rated Rounds of 2017

The 2017 Season saw several exciting rounds at top caliber courses across the nation. As we gear up for the 2018 season we want to take a look back at the highest rated rounds at each of the Pro Tour stops in 2017. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) the lowest of the highest rated rounds was a 1060 rated round. It is clear to be at the top of the game you have to be shooting hot rounds to get there. All of the top rated rounds at Pro Tour stops in 2017 came either during the first or the final round of an event, showing that players are looking to set the tone early or are fighting to make up crucial places during the final day in order to secure more cash.

Below you can find the highest rated rounds from each stop on the Pro Tour in the 2017 season and a link to footage when available.

The Memorial Championship

Finals – Fountain Hills

Drew Gibson 42 1094

Waco Charity Open

Round Three

James Conrad 52 1071 Rated

Nick Hyde Memorial

Round One

Peter McBride 49 1080 Rated

Jonesboro Open

Round One

Ricky Wysocki 51 1073 Rated

Watch: Front Nine | Back Nine

Utah Open

Round Three

Dana Vicich 46 1077 Rated

Watch: Front Nine | Back Nine | Best Front Nine of 2017

Ledgestone Insurance Open

Round One

Josh Anthon 51 1094 Rated

Idlewild Open

Round Three

Chris Dickerson 58 1060 Rated

Vibram Open


Simon Lizotte 52 1075 Rated

Watch Simon’s Round One prep for his 1075 Rated Round: Simon Lizotte vs Maple Hill Back Nine

Green Mountain Championship

Round One – Brewster’s Ridge

Nate Doss & Michael Johansen 47 1076 Rated


Across the 2017 Pro Tour Season we saw several amazing rounds of disc golf. At the end of the day touring friends and California boys Drew Gibson and Josh Anthon tied for the highest rated rounds at a Pro Tour event in 2017. Thank you for your continued support of the Disc Golf Pro Tour. We look forward to starting the season off strong with Discraft’s Memorial Championship February 28-March 3rd and hopefully catching a 1094 rated round or two on film!

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