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The Tour Card

The touring professional disc golfer. There are 65 people that can proudly say they are part of an elite group. A group that defines the pinnacle of our sport. A group that plays disc golf for a living.

Disc golf has grown up a lot in the last decade. There may have been a handful, or maybe a Simpsons’ handful, of players that played disc golf for a living. Today, there are dozens, and the number will continue to grow. When we started the Pro Tour our plan was to grow the number of MPO touring pros to 72 and FPO touring pros to 24 within five years. We are on target.

The top 50 MPO and the top 15 FPO players from the 2018 Pro Tour season have earned a 2019 Tour Card. This entitles players to early registration at all Pro Tour events. Additionally, they will be featured on the 2019 Trading Cards which includes their complete stats from their previous seasons. Lastly, they will have access to the Tour Card Tent off the fairway of hole 18.

Additionally, the five top finishers at the Next Gen Tour have also earned their Tour Cards. Congratulations to Silas Schultz , Kyle Klein , Quinn Rodius , Harold Greer , and Alexander Miller for their top five finish. You are among the best amateur disc golf athletes on the planet and we are proud to invite you to enjoy all of the opportunities that a Tour Card offers.