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The Memorial Championship Fantasy Wrap-Up

The Memorial Championship created an exciting start to the 2018 Pro Tour. We saw over 262 people play in our open Pro Tour league and we have 31 people currently
in our Pro Tour Patreon League. What does this mean? This means if you want to get in on some awesome prizes at great odds, become a $5 or above Patreon supporter so you can win!
This week saw some stiff competition in both of the fantasy leagues but we can only have five winners in each so let’s go through a breakdown of who won, how many points they scored, and the winning combination.
DGPT Patreon League

  1. In first place place was Z-Train. Z-Train chose Eagle McMahon, Simon Lizotte, Kevin Jones, & Nikko Locastro for MPO and Paige Pierce and Jennifer Allen for FPO. Z-Train has won a DGA Mach Shift.
  2. In second place was Sam Martinson. Sam chose Ricky, Simon, Eagle, and Zachary Hardman. Zachary netted him a zero, but Sam was still able to come out on top by choosing Paige Pierce and then Catrina Allen as his FPO alternate (who filled in for Valerie Jenkins not attending). Sam will be walking away with a Prodigy BP-1.
  3. Eric Busch and John Burchett tied for third place. With nearly identical picks of Ricky, Paul, and Simon for their first three and then alternating their fourth and alternate picks of Steve Tolo and Ronnie Bennett. They both chose Paige and Catrina for FPO and that led to a tie score. Eric will receive a pair of KEEN shoes and John will be walking away with a Grip C bag.
  4. In fifth place was Juho Ahveninen. Juho chose Ricky Wysocki, Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon and Kevin Jones for MPO and Paige Pierce and Kona Panis in FPO. For his picks he will receive a set of the 2016 bobbleheads.

One key takeaway from this week is that Z-Train and Juho were the only two players in the top five to have all six of their picks score. To maintain this season players will need to keep their picks live to get the win.
DGPT League
In the DGPT league we saw more scoring separation as more people played in the group.

  1. Chris McBrayer had the winning combination for the week by selecting Eagle McMahon, Nate Sexton, Anthony Barela, and Eric Oakley for MPO and Paige Pierce and Lisa Fajkus for FPO. Scoring 1228 for the weekend he will be walking away with a DGPT Upperpark Drawstring bag.
  2. Jason Nonn came in second scoring 1187 points with his picks of Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Nate Sexton, and Kevin Jones for MPO and Jessica Weese and Lisa Fajkus for FPO. He takes home a DD umbrella for his picks.
  3. Terry Moreland came in third place this week a full 30 points behind Jason carding 1157 for the first Pro Tour stop. Terry chose Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Drew Gibson, and Garrett Guthrie for MPO and Paige Pierce and Lisa Fajkus in FPO. For his efforts he will receive a DGPT disc.
  4. Sébastien Massé took fourth this week benefiting from the Alternate Pick after Nate Doss left the tournament with a shoulder injury. Sébastien chose Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Nikko Locastro, and Dave Feldberg was his alternate. In FPO he chose Paige Pierce and Jennifer Allen. Sébastien will be receiving a pair of DGPT socks.
  5. Skipace user Worm brought home the fifth place spot this week by choosing Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Kevin Jones, and Eric Oakley then in FPO he chose Paige Pierce and Jessica Weese. Worm will receive a DPGT Silipint.

That wraps things up for the first fantasy event of the 2018 Pro Tour. We will be contacting the winners shortly to get prizes sent out! Make sure you are signed up for fantasy. You can learn about the prizes and how to join over at . Make sure to get your picks in for Waco before next Wednesday (March 14th) and be ready to tune in starting at 4pm ET on Thursday March 15th to watch the second event of the Pro Tour live !