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The Eight: The heat is on

Ricky, Cale and Nate are in solid position to maintain their top three spots. Presuming Cale (13th) and Nate (17th) move up the rankings, even a charging Paul McBeth would
not pull ahead of them.
Today, moving day at Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship, the players to watch regarding The Eight are Alex Geisinger and James Conrad. See the projected bracket for why The Eight matters.
If the event ended after the first round, the standings for 7th – 10th would be:

  • James Conrad: 205 points
  • Alex Geisinger: 195 points
  • Gregg Barsby: 187 points
  • Drew Gibson: 183 points

If Barsby or Gibson can maintain their 2nd place status and actually claim that spot for themselves (without a six way tie), they would be earning an additional 20 points (75 points earned vs the 55 earned due to the six way tie diluting the second place points). This would put Barsby ahead of both players and Drew ahead of Geisinger and within sniffing distance of Conrad.
The fallout of this:

  • James Conrad: He will want to either maintain his lead over Geisinger, or move up from 17th to the top 12. Getting into the top 12 would put him out of reach of Barsby and Gibson, unless they pull out the win.
  • Alex Geisinger: He will want to recover from his poor start – and Fox Run is just the place for his big arm to do it. To secure his spot in The Eight, he will need to move up about 18 spots and break into the top 20. This would put him very close to Conrad while simultaneously getting out of the reach of Barsby and Gibson.
  • Barsby / Gibson: Keep it up. If they get the win, that will all but secure a spot in The Eight. With a 2nd place finish, they will need to rely on Conrad and Geisinger to not improve their standings much.

If Barsby or Gibson can pull out the win, Geisinger, Conrad and even Johansen, Sexton and McBeth need to be careful as one of them would be squeezed out of The Eight for sure.
Today, we will be watching the battle for first – as well as the battles inside the battle.
We go live at 1:45 PM EST. Watch!