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My dad (like everyone’s dad) told me, “Build it to last.” He was right.
If the Pro Tour spends 2016 and 2017 burning through our vast stock piles of money without building something that can sustain itself, then we have failed. I am okay with failure because it means I tried, but I definitely do not want to fail. Therefore, sustainability is baked in from the start.

There are a lot of costs associated with live video coverage, developing the most amazing statistical app disc golf has ever seen, building a disc game festival from scratch, moving it all around the country and then running a $40K Tour Championship. We have a pretty in depth budget, but we also have a pretty big “Miscellaneous” line item! There are a lot of moving pieces and we are working very hard to put them all together in the right order.

​The Pro Tour model has four income streams. Initially they are all critical. How can you help?

In 2016, we prove the concept and show fans that we are building something special to watch and even more special to attend. In 2017, the spectator numbers increase as we spread across North America and in 2018, the Partner dollars increase as businesses recognize disc golf is real, it is here to stay, and people are watching. Over time, the amount the Events/Players are putting in will diminish and we will be a true sustainable Pro Tour.

Sustainability relies on the tournaments and players being happy to be a part of the tour, the fans being excited to watch the tour and participate in the disc festival, and the sponsors being happy with the number of eyeballs that we get. We are in the early stages of this path, but we have to start somewhere.

  • Without event staff , there are no events.
  • Without the players , there are no fans.
  • Without great venues , there are no fans.
  • Without the fans , this will not work.
  • Without the fans, there are no sponsor partners .
  • Without the partners, there is no grease for the machine.
  • Without the grease, we have no players, venues, or product.

There are a lot of ways to fail and only one way for this to succeed. To succeed, we all need to come together to celebrate disc golf, to participate in the disc festival, to showcase our products, to throw amazing shots, to staff amazing events. We all need to take this leap of faith together. I’m ready. Are you?