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​Stat of the Week: More than one way to win at Maple Hill

It is the week of the MVP Open at Maple Hill. As we dive into the final regular season stop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, we take a look back over the past two years to see what it takes to win at Maple Hill.

The Maple Hill disc golf course has provided us with some exciting finishes across the previous two years on the Pro Tour. We had the play-off between Bradley Williams and Michael Johansen in 2016, and a ten throw swing during the final round of the FPO division in 2017. One thing is clear, players with many different skill sets have a chance to win the MVP Open this year.

Take the 2016 play-off for instance. Bradley Williams and Michael Johansen made it to their playoff in two completely different ways. Bradley Williams stayed on top of the leaderboard with 1st place spots in both C1 and C2 in regulation. While Bradley struggled with his putting inside C1, staying clean off the tee was what ultimately brought him home the win. Michael Johansen on the other hand scrambled and putted his way into a playoff with Bradley Williams. MJ had a first place scramble rate and a second place C1 putting mark. If this is not enough to show you that a player with an extensive set of skills can get you into first at the MVP Open let us take a look at another example.

In 2017 the FPO division was all but sealed going into the final round. Valarie Jenkins had a six throw lead, but within the first few holes, all of that changed. Paige Pierce came out of the gate gunning for the lead. In making a run for the three on hole one, Paige threw OB giving Valarie a seven throw lead before mounting her comeback. On hole two the rain started, and by hole four it was coming down at a steady pace. Paige parked hole four for a birdie, and Val’s drive went off the fairway, and she ended up settling for a bogey. Now Paige was down by five and ready to kick things in action. Paige stayed clean throughout the round carding two more birdies leading to her eventual lead. The story of the tournament was very much the same here, Val had maintained a 1st place scramble rate until the final round (where she dropped to second due to her struggles off the tee) whereas Paige kept a first place spot in both C1 and C2 in regulation.

What do these two cases mean for the 2018 MVP Open at Maple Hill? It means that players with any set of skills whether it is a solid scramble and putting game, or a clean driving game has a chance to win at Maple Hill.

Recently we have had a discussion across the disc golf internet about what makes a good professional disc golf course. After looking at the stats, Maple Hill is a perfect example. It challenges each part of a player’s game meaning they have to have accurate drives, solid putting, and an impressive scramble game to win. The variety of shots needed at Maple Hill creates for remarkable golf to watch. You will not want to miss out on all of the coverage we will be offering for the MVP Open. Make plans to tune in starting at 2 PM ET each day August 24-26th this week for all of the live coverage!