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SFO MPO Round 3 Recap – Raptors, Beasts, Eagles and Borgs oh my! – AbsoluteXtracts presents the 2019 San Francisco Open driven by Innova

By Baker Helton
Much like our FPO final round this morning, on the MPO side of the 2019 AblsoluteXtracts presents the San Francisco Open driven by Innova saw a generous cushion for our leader, and a leader that was no stranger to winning. Ricky Wysocki, started the day with five over second place and would stretch it out just one more to finish at a total 33 under par while Paul McBeth chased him down as best he could to 27 under par. Tied for third at 25 under par is Eagle McMahon and Calvin Heimburg. With two names from the chase card making the top three and two names from the lead card falling below the top five we had a lot of movement today. Let’s get into as much of it as we can!

​When you’re averaging over 1070 rate golf like Ricky was this weekend, no wonder the first hole looked easy for him. Just outside of parked. The second hole was an understandable par. But his first “hiccup” was a missed circle 2 putt in the wide open green of hole 3. How dare he miss. We count on him for perfect putts! It’s okay though, he started the day with a healthy lead which let him card 5 pars in the first six holes. That was enough though, Rick then went 7 under in the next six holes. The bonus in there being an eagle on the 1188’ beast of a par 5, hole 10. After taking a quick break from crushing things on hole 13 and 14, Rick decided to wrap everything with three birdies and a customary winner’s par on 18, he took home the win by a total 6 throws over Paul McBeth in second. He had yet to pick up a big win against the entire top field so this has to feel fantastic. True to form he led the field in Parked, Circle 2 in Regulation, Scramble, and C1X putting. No wonder the guy won, he only got a single bogey (hole 15 in round 2) and he carded two eagles, hole 10 in round 3 and hole 9 in round 1. Congrats on the huge win Ricky.


Jeezum crow, We get it Ricky, you’re really good at disc golf….yea yea, all the different aspects, we get it!
While the rest of the lead card was concerned with trying to catch Ricky it turned out none of them would be the one who was the closest at the end of the round. Lurking in the eucalyptus and redwood groves Gleneagles is ripe territory for a McBeast. No doubt disappointed to not start the day on the lead card at an event he won last year, Paul made his presence known anyways. He was tied for second after he finished four holes.  But that was still five behind Ricky who had no intentions of making a mistake. 13 birdies and a single bogey and Paul’s final round tied Ricky’s course record from Round 2. Not too shabby but not nearly enough to catch Rick. Fortunately, they will get to battle again in just a week as their tours continue to the Master’s Cup.

Paul wasn’t the only person to score the hot round today, he was joined by two newer faces on the tour, Calvin Heimburg, and Adam Hammes. Both of them jumped 6 spots to finishing in 3rd and 5th respectively. It’s wild that both of them didn’t card a single bogey on a windy day at a course as tough as Gleneagles. Neither of them even when OB once today! Heimburg even led the field in birdies carding a total 33 birdies, It was really just a sloppy roller coaster ride in Round 2 that held him back from climbing higher. With those scores, Heimburg continues to remind us that he is a new staple at the top of the pack and Hammes gives us the first tastes of what he is capable of.

With some big rounds on the chase card and third card, we saw some big upsets for most of the lead card. Sure Ricky held on to his lead and picked up the wind, but of the three other gangle-monsters on the card only one clung on to a top 4 spot. Falling only a single spot from where he started the day to finish tied for third with Calvin Heimburg, Eagle McMahon just couldn’t get the boosters going. His 8 under is tentatively 1051 rated final round is only 1 rating point over his rating of 1050. Even for one of the top three rated players in the world average just isn’t good enough to win when other folks are shooting 30 rating points over theirs. It was a story of mediocrity in terms of Eagle’s standards as he performed well in every category but just not well enough.

Though Simon Lizotte and Anthony Barela struggled the most on the lead card, shooting only 5 under par, they both were the most entertaining to watch. Barela’s roller on hole 1 left him a legit eagle bid. He blew it past but took his time and smashed the lengthy putt for birdie. At the very start, his game looked like he might catch fire and give us a show. If Barela had a chance he was going to need that putt to keep working. Instead, he cooled off pretty much immediately, finishing the front nine at only one under and well behind our leader and eventual winner. In fact, scoring that slow on the front nine dropped Barela back a handful of spots he was never able to take back, finishing the event tied for sixth with Simon Lizotte, Avery Jenkins, and Kevin Jones, the latter two leaping quite a few spots to get there.

Simon couldn’t decide to wear his hat forward or backward, but either way, it just seemed like he was either hitting lines perfectly or all but missing them completely. A few shaky putts didn’t help either. Then the weirdest thing happened on hole 16. Hefting up a huge hyzer to play the crosswind into the island green, his drive bounced in bounds and took a slow meandering roll towards the OB wall…where it gently stopped, coming to rest almost perfectly vertical on the wall. Just below his disc, a thin string that his disc was somehow in between that string and the wall it was leaning on. They even discussed if the dome on his driver was big enough to be in bounds. But ultimately, the card had to make the call and they called it out. It was a bad break on top of a round that was only tough because it fell short of keeping the pressure on Rick. Despite all of that though, no one parked it more often than Simon, so there’s that bud!

Wow, there was so much great play today there is no way that I can possibly convey it all to you in this article. As always I recommend checking out UDisc, watching the live coverage when you can, and watching the post-production as well. Between Nate and Val on the live commentary, the audio check-ins we get with players during the round, and so much more you can learn a ton about how to play the game better just by watching. But don’t forget to get out there and play! No better way to improve than that. Make sure you stay tuned for our next event, the Portland Open in just two short weeks!

Article written by Staff Writer and Editor Zach Podhorzer.