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SFO FPO Round 3 Recap – No One Throws A disc Better than Catrina Right NOw – AbsoluteXtracts presents the San Francisco Open driven by Innova

By Baker Helton
If you were lucky enough to be at Gleneagles this morning for the AbosluteXtracts presents the 2019 San Francisco Open driven by Innova final round then you could pretty much find a tight battle on every card right from bottom to the top. Amidst the scramble one player strode ahead of the rest starting a couple of holes into round 2 – that player is, of course, Catrina Allen, your 2019 champion. Her 5 under par round today brought her to a total 18 under par and 5 lower than last year’s winner Sarah Hokom. Trailing Allen by 9 was Paige Pierce at 9 under par. In third at 2 under par was Madison Walker and in a tie for fourth was Paige Bjerkaas and Sarah Hokom. Let’s get into it!

For Paige Pierce and Catrina Allen, the story got interesting on hole 10. Third time’s a charm for Paige Pierce as she finally picks up the only eagle of the weekend bringing her to only two behind Catrina. They had started the day 5 apart, only one hole into the back 9 that gap was closed to two with eight to go. You’d think that a huge eagle would get her already slow round going but in this case, Pierce’s putting performance was the problem. After canning a circle’s edge putt for eagle, Pierce would two-putt away three birdie opportunities in a row. Her drive at 15’s raised basket was high from the start, coasting just over the basket it was a beautiful shot. So beautiful it mesmerized our cameraman. He may have stopped her drive short of how far it could have been, but it still left her a long uphill putt at a raised pin. Four back, she had to run it. The height was good but the line was right…well, I mean wrong. Anyways, Catrina wasn’t going to birdie from her drives, so Paige’s come-back putt was a real confidence boost after a shaky time on the green. Alas, those missed opportunities did not go unpunished.

In this six-hole stretch of par 3s on the back 9, there is a priority on birdies and while Paige didn’t seem to get the memo, Catrina Allen did. She picked up 2 birdies in the first 4 and then stepped up to the tee on the island hole 16. Parked. Not much more to say about it because that’s when the tournament truly became hers. Pierce’s string of pars was capped off with a double-bogey 5 on 16. That’s a three throw swing, bringing the total gap to 7 with 2 to go. You don’t collect all the accolades that Catrina has by choking that bad though. 17 was the easiest hole on the course today and 18 is the toughest. Even though she didn’t need them to win Catrina carded another birdie and a par to finish with another hot round and the win. She also led the field in 5 out of 8 stats that UDisc tracks for us. Just look at this report card!


That should look quite nice on Catrina’s mom’s refrigerator for Mother’s Day today.
While Paige Pierce was trying to chase down Catrina Allen, there was another battle raging behind them. Paige Bjerkaas, Madison Walker, and Sarah Hokom started the day in that order, all within three throws of one another. That gap would never grow larger as each of them jostled their way through the day for third place. As it turned out, their fates were all decided on hole 18. How does it get better than that? Hokom birdied 17 to tie Bjerkaas who parred. Walker birdied, to pull away from them both by 1. Playing on the chase card, Hokom finished the 18th hole first with a drop-in par. Bjerkaas’s drive didn’t get a full flight, holding a line too tight to the right and missing out on the fade. Madison Walker’s drive, on the other hand, got a full flex in. a short lay-up in front of the ball golf green made for easy work of a second approach and drop-in par.

Madison’s weekend will be characterized in her memory and all of ours by some staggeringly good putts and some awesome saves. She was the best scrambler on the lead card through the event and the second best out of the whole field thanks in part to 12 total makes from the outside edges of Circle 1. She also tied Catrina Allen and Hannah McBeth for first place in OB rate at only .056%. I think Nate and Val put it best though. This might not have been a course that you would have picked Madison for your Grip6 Pick6 but she played phenomenally, setting her up perfectly for this swing through the Northwest.

A little further down the leaderboard, there was still some fantastic rounds going on too. Jessica Weese was the today’s biggest mover, leap-frogging 3 players to finish in sixth. Elaine King retained her scramble royalty status, finishing at 68%. Charlotte Towle from San Diego may have had some trouble on the tee and fairway but her 79% C1X putting makes her the best putter of the weekend. From downtown though, Rebecca Cox won the Circle 2 Putting percentages but Paige Pierced actually canned more with a total of 5. And of course on this episode of Gleneagles Eagle Watch let’s just daydream our way back to Paige Pierce’s on the 965′ hole 10. Dang, that was cool.

Alrighty then. That wraps up our FPO coverage of AbsoluteXtracts presents the 2019 San Francisco Open drive by Innova but don’t think we won’t be back soon. In just two short weeks the Disc Golf Pro Tour continues in Oregon for the Portland Open. You don’t want to miss this so make sure you subscribe and then get out there and play some disc golf already! Oh, but come back in a few hours for MPO. Thanks!

This article was written by Staff Writer & Editor Zach Podhorzer.