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SFO Broadcast Day One Review – Woof!

Well that was a pretty amazing day. For the first time ever, we put out same day shot by shot coverage. Sort of. We had most of the holes edited in time for the show. We had
live commentary (thank you Madison Walker and Lisa Fajkus) over top the Terry Miller edited footage. We had people running cards during the round so Terry could get an early start. We had a team setting up the booth in the local library where we could get great signal for the booth. There were a lot of new and moving parts to making this happen and thank you all very much for your patience while we work to make this coverage better.
It was a great start to what will become a great part of our broadcast. We will be making several adjustments for the coverage today and tomorrow (details below).
On the MPO side, we lost the spliced in FPO coverage so we were able to add hole reviews, booth analysis, extra video assets, while keeping the number of advertisements (which make all of this possible) the same. It was a Herculean effort and many hands went into pulling it off. As we’ve done for three seasons now, we will continue to strive to improve and make the product even better. Please let us know what you would like to see going forward.
Adjustments for Saturday and Sunday

  • We will combine the FPO and MPO streams into one broadcast.
  • We will work to improve the flow of the live broadcast. To do this, we will start the lead MPO card 30 minutes later and will also be opening the tee times to 15 minutes apart for the last 5 cards.
  • We will start the FPO broadcast 30 minutes later to try to get all of the FPO coverage edited in time.

One Broadcast, Several Segments

  • 4:30 Eastern – FPO “Same Day Shot by Shot Coverage”
  • 5:30 Eastern – Circle Zero with Dixon Jowers
  • 5:45 Eastern – MPO Live Coverage Begins