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Pro Tour to bring back Circle Zero

This has been an inspiring off-season as we work to improve the live broadcast. One of the improvements we hope to make is thru the rebirth of the Circle
Zero show, which serves as a warm-up show that discusses the upcoming round, the season as a whole, and much more. We are very proud to welcome aboard Dixon Jowers of the On The Box podcast, to help curate and produce the show.
We have two goals in this regard. First, we want more of you watching. Second, we want you to watch longer. We are going to do this by providing consistent and compelling footage. If you have not seen a live disc golf broadcast in several years, it is time to check out what we are building.
When we say consistent, we are talking about having the start time for every event be the same across all rounds and having less down time. The Memorial presented by Discraft goes live at 5:00 PM Eastern. Everyday. The lead card will tee off at 5:15 PM Eastern, 25 minutes after the second card, minimizing back-ups and down time, which cause viewership to drop quickly. It will also shorten the overall length of the broadcast. Our goal is to hit the three hour professional sport’s sweet spot.
When we say compelling, we are talking about the women’s footage that is spliced into the live coverage being produced at a higher level and doing a better job of telling the story. Additionally, we will be taking you the viewer deeper into the game via the Circle Zero show. Dixon Jowers, through the Circle Zero warm-up show, will look to bring us closer to the players, go in-depth on some pivotal holes, tell us about the local hot spots, fantasy disc golf, and give an overview of the season as a whole.
Please join us in welcoming aboard Dixon Jowers, the newest member of the Disc Golf Pro Tour media team.