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Pro Tour Power Rankings: April 5th Update

By Todd Kepler at DG Stats :
There were some unique changes to the Power Rankings this week due to two major events in 2015 dropping off.
Event Name

  • Daniel Boe Memorial – Sponsored by DGA & Latitude 64
  • Texas State Disc Golf Championship – 20th Annual

With 2 evens dropping off, this made the weighting of the degrading 10 events shift by 2 events instead of 1, so this clearly impacted some players more than others.

These two events were small by participation standards, but certainly had a huge impact on rankings, ultimately causing the upward shift of 31 players due to Bradley Williams #31644 dropping to only four qualified events and ultimately losing his spot in the Top 10! After the Nick Hyde Memorial, our bet is that he will be right back.

Such a great player could (and should) play one more event per year and be top 10 in the Power Rankings! One of the problems in our sport is that great players do not find it financially advantageous (or possible) to stay on tour. A primary focus of the Pro Tour is to make touring a net positive for the top players. Over time, we expect more players like Bradley to tour and stay in the Power Rankings.

One positive for Ben Callaway #39015? For the first time ever, he moved into the 50th spot in the rankings.

Big Movers this week, climbing 3 spots in the rankings
1.       Matt Dollar #26045 from 27th to 24th
2.       Devan Ownes #25168 from 30th to 27th
3.       Max Nichols # 21870 from 46th to 43rd
1 person “Slipped a Bit” down 5 spots
1.       Jason Herm #15899 from 24th to 29th
2 others moved down, but only 1 spot each
1.       Pasi Koivu #41251 45th to 46th
2.       Tim Skellenger #26269 39th to 40th

​WPO updates are limited as no one changed ranking, but a few win/loss percentages did change slightly.