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Pro Tour Power Rankings: April 26th Update

Disc Golf Pro Tour Power Rankings
By Todd Kepler of DGStats

​This week is all about the Nick Hyde Memorial, and lack thereof.
The Memorial had a huge impact on the Power Rankings for the women with first timer to the rankings, Lisa Fajkus #32654, getting the 2nd place finish and qualifying to be ranked with her 4th rated event.   The men were left empty handed though due to the historical drop in turnout of top ranked competitors.The big news of the day went to Lisa, coming into the event a mere 3 points over the 910 minimum rating and pulling out the 2nd place finish over big name veterans Sarah Hokom #34563 and Jennifer Allen #15354.  Lisa jumped right into the mix ranked 14 and pushing 5 other women down the rankings.  Not to be outdone, Paige Pierce #29190 pulled in a much needed win to help close the gap with Catrina Allen #44184. Still hanging in 2nd place, Paige has a commanding lead on the pack with 12.8% victory margin over Ohn Scoggins #48976, currently 3rd and the rest of the Power Ranked women. Jennifer Allen’s finish dropped her overall Win % and Nicole Bradley #51229 stepped into the 11th ranked spot, dropping Jennifer to 12th.  The final small victory of the day goes to Stephanie Vincent #29947, whom I talked about a few weeks ago. Stephanie finished last in the rated place standings, but the Memorial gets her one step closer to being a Power Ranked player!The disappointment of the day went to the entire Nick Hyde Memorial MPO group and the latest round of PDGA Rating updates. Left clinching onto hope that one more player would get a bump in their rating before the event, that hope was replaced with sad truths. Several veterans that had been previously rated 999+ played the event, but their ratings fell just short of the cutoff to qualify the Memorial for the Power Rankings this year.  Last year the event pulled in an impressive 18 rated players, but that number was sadly cut in half this year and the 9 rated players wasn’t enough to get it done.