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Andrew Presnell Secures First PDGA Pro Major Victory!

By Nick Quargnenti

In the realm of professional disc golf, victory isn’t just about throwing discs; it’s about the culmination of years of dedication, perseverance, and skill. And for Andrew Presnell (PDGA# 63765), hailing from the heart of Ozark, Missouri, that moment of triumph arrived in spectacular fashion as he clinched his 1st PDGA Pro Major event win at the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup.

Presnell’s Professional Career

Andrew Presnell, the Team Discraft star, made his debut on the PDGA stage back in 2014, and he’s been leaving his mark ever since. With an impressive 310 events to his name, Presnell has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional disc golf. What’s truly noteworthy? Nearly 30% of these events—92, to be exact—comprise DGPT* events and PDGA Pro Majors, highlighting his experience at the pinnacle of competitive play. 

Noteworthy among his achievements is his DGPT Silver Event win at the 2023 Mid-America Open, where he bested Gannon Buhr in a thrilling playoff.

According to StatMando, Presnell’s career earnings to date have reached an impressive $176,963, reflecting his consistent performance across the field. Across DGPT* events and PDGA Pro Majors, and with his most recent triumph, he now has 1 win (2 podium finishes), secured 8 top-10 spots, and maintained an 85% cash rate, all accompanied by an average event rating of 1021.75.

Presnell Celebrates Victory with his Friends. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

With his recent victory, Presnell’s standing in the DGPT has soared, currently placing him in 10th place with 323.29 Tour Points. Additionally, he has made significant strides in StatMando’s Official MPO World Rankings, now occupying the 14th spot. Last, but certainly not least, Presnell announced on the Upshot podcast that immediately after his Champions Cup victory, Discraft informed him that they would promote him to the Discraft Elite team mid season, which has never been done before!

Presnell at PDGA Pro Majors

Despite facing setbacks in the 2023 PDGA Pro Major circuit, where Presnell missed cash finishes at 3 out of 4 Pro Majors – the PDGA Champions Cup (53rd), European Open (59th), and USDGC (60th) – only making cash at the 2023 Pro Worlds with a 40th place finish, Presnell’s recent victory at the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup stands as a testament to the unpredictability and excitement in the sport.

With 92 PDGA Pro Major and DGPT* event starts under his belt, Presnell’s win places him as one of the most experienced players to secure a PDGA Pro Major victory as he now has the 2nd-most MPO PDGA Pro Major and DGPT* event starts to get a win, trailing only Matthew Orum in this category. Notably, the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup is also where Presnell made his very 1st Pro Major lead card debut!

Presnell dialed in at the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

This win not only solidifies Presnell’s status as a phenomenal and experienced athlete, but also marks him as the 5th first-time PDGA Pro Major winner in the last 6 events, joining an elite group of newcomers to claim victory on the grand stage. Among them are notable names like Kyle Klein (2023 USDGC), Isaac Robinson (2023 Champions Cup and Pro Worlds), Corey Ellis (2023 European Open), and Gannon Buhr (2022 USDGC) highlighting the dynamic and competitive nature of competition on the Disc Golf Pro Tour in recent years.

What truly sets Presnell apart is the journey he undertook to achieve this victory. As the first MPO PDGA Pro Major winner without any prior top-10 finishes in Pro Majors since Ricky Wysocki in 2011, Presnell’s rise speaks volumes about his resilience and determination in the face of formidable competition.

This resilience was further highlighted in his recent performance at Northwood Black, widely regarded as one of the most challenging courses. Here, Presnell led the field in reaching Circle 1 in Regulation (55.56%) during the final round of the 2024 Champions Cup, showcasing his exceptional skill and unwavering focus under intense pressure.


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Throughout his career, Presnell maintains an average Pro Major event rating of 1021. However, Presnell’s current event rating for the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup stands above his average at 1043. Interestingly, this victory marks the lowest-event rated PDGA Pro Major wins since Will Schusterick in 2014 (1041 at USDGC).

Furthermore, with a current player rating of 1029, Presnell now holds the distinction of being the lowest-rated MPO PDGA Pro Major winner since Greg Barsby (1020) won Worlds in 2018.

Presnell’s victory serves as a reminder that in the world of professional disc golf, anything can happen. From humble beginnings to triumph on the grand stage, his journey embodies the spirit of perseverance and passion that defines the sport we all know and love. As fans, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Andrew Presnell as he continues to leave his mark on the world of disc golf.


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* DGPT wins include standard DGPT, DGPT+, and DGPT Playoff events.

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