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Teeing Off in the Heart of Africa: The Paul McBeth Foundation’s Trailblazing Journey in Uganda

By Nick Quargnenti

Written by: Nick Quargnenti, DGPT Marketing Coordinator

One of the Paul McBeth Foundation’s most recent initiatives, known as Project 2.3, has taken them into the heart of Africa for the first time. The country of Uganda presented a remarkable opportunity to establish not just one, but multiple disc golf courses.

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“The sport of disc golf has given me the opportunity to change my life and I want to share that same opportunity with as many people as possible.” – Paul McBeth

Paul McBeth during the 2022 season. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The foundation’s first course in Uganda found its home at Ndejje University, a location that radiated enthusiasm for embracing the sport. Situated just 25 miles to the north of Uganda’s bustling hub, Kampala, Ndejje University eagerly joined hands with the Paul McBeth Foundation to breathe life into an 18-hole course, spanning over a generous 25+ acres, exclusively reserved for disc golf. This would also include a dedicated crew of maintenance staff diligently tending to the course’s upkeep, ensuring it remains a top-tier disc golf destination.

A look at the property where the Ndejje University course will be designed. Photo: Paul McBeth Foundation

The Paul McBeth Foundation’s second course, while bearing similarities to previous PMF projects, arose from a partnership with a local youth organization in the village of Katosi. This commendable organization serves as a sanctuary for over 400+ children, providing them with essentials – sustenance, shelter, and education. Now, alongside these vital services, disc golf has become a cherished addition, nestled right outside their schoolhouse on the serene shores of Lake Victoria.

Paul McBeth during the 2022 season. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

But why Uganda?

A country previously untouched by disc golf, Uganda’s position in the heart of Africa makes it an ideal setting for the Paul McBeth Foundation’s mission to expand the sport’s accessibility. With the passionate support of two dynamic partners, they’re poised to propel these projects forward, sharing the joys of disc golf with a myriad of individuals. Ndejje University, in particular, offers a gateway to connect with numerous African universities outside Uganda, fostering intercollegiate competitions and a plethora of sporting events that will bring the sport to a wider audience.

Photo: Paul McBeth Foundation

To date, the Paul McBeth Foundation has left its mark in 9 countries, setting up 168 baskets and establishing 11 courses. Watch our latest video on DGN “Paul McBeth Foundation: Ndejje University, Uganda” to delve deeper into their remarkable contributions.

They can’t achieve their mission on their own. If you’d like to partner with the Paul McBeth Foundation to bring a disc golf course to your community, click here. Alternatively, you can support the cause by making a donation here.

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