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Paul McBeth & James Conrad: Two peas in a pod?

McBeth, winner of four of the last five World Championships, has been the number #1 ranked player 196 of the last 200 weeks and his crushing victories at Discraft’s Ledgestone and the Hambrick show that he is getting into peak form to close out the season. We are basically drooling with anticipation for the McBeth Wysocki showdown in the Tour Championship Finals.
Meanwhile, James Conrad, outside his immediate family and the nice lady at the pet store, is known by basically no one. For the past five years, his PDGA rating has hovered between 1015 and 985. He has been playing PDGA events for over a dozen years, has twenty wins, and will probably break the $15,000 career earnings mark this year. CAREER earnings.
Just for context, McBeth had 20 wins in 2015 and he earns $15,000 for sneezing on the course. Okay, that sentence was only half true, but McBeth will clear the $300,000 mark this year. And he has been a PDGA member two years LESS than James Conrad.

All this unequal history, and these two players find themselves basically tied going into the final Pro Tour event of the season, Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship.
Paul McBeth (12th, NA, 12th, 1st), who missed the Silver Cup, is clearly expected to get 1st or 2nd. Even a third place finish would park him in the 4/5 spot overall, pairing him with, in all likelihood, Bradley Williams in the Semifinals. Additionally, they would be joined by the top finisher in the Quarterfinals. If things go down this way, that would be an amazing card to watch.

James Conrad (12th, 4th, 9th, 8th) has played high quality, consistent golf over the Pro Tour. If he can ​finish in the top 15 at the final Pro Tour event, the only way he loses a spot in The Eight is if Michael Johansen is 1st or 2nd, AND Nate Sexton 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
​James, and Paul, we fully expect and look forward to seeing you in The Eight.
Watch it go down live:

  • September 15-17: Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship
  • September 17-18: Tour Championship

You can watch live on Smashboxx TV , our Facebook or YouTube page, or on our newly designed website .