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Panel Discussion: Should baskets be smaller?

Wednesday Night at Maple Hill: 6:00-7:00 PM Eastern
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In golf, the mantra of “drive for show, putt for dough” is a common way to remind newer players that the easiest place to gain strokes on the field is on the putting green.

At the pro level of disc golf, the easiest place to pick up strokes is the tee box. The reason for this is that all of the top pros hit putts inside 10M at an 85-95% rate. That is a gain of one to two strokes all round. However, the number of greens in regulation has a much wider variance (30-55%) and is actually the stat that determines who wins.

So disc golf is different than golf in this way. Does that matter? Does that negatively impact course design? Is it great that we have a term called “Circle Ricky”? Or does it point out that putting is too easy and there is no real way to differentiate players outside of driving? What is the goal of the game? Is it different that the goal of the sport? Could the pros play on smaller baskets and the rest of the world play on standard baskets?

These questions and more will be discussed.

Please note that this is simply a discussion. This topic has been quietly talked about for several years. It feels like the right time to bring it to the open and have a frank conversation. The Pro Tour is simply facilitating this conversation and is not endorsing either side. The PDGA is the governing body of our sport and defines the regulations for baskets and we are very happy to continue to improve our working relationship over the next few centuries.