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Offsite Commentary for the Jonesboro Open presented by Prodiscus

For more than a year, Smashboxx TV and the DGPT have worked through the technological hurdles of incorporating offsite commentary. There are many potential upsides
consistent audio, better access to stats, direct knowledge of what is being seen on the broadcast, and the ability to talk without fear of the players overhearing. The one significant downside, direct knowledge of how the players are emoting off screen, will be lost for the time being. The upsides seem to outweigh the downside and it is time to put the plan into place.
Cory Murrell and Sean Jack, doing commentary, will be in San Francisco. Terry Miller and the camera crews will be in Jonesboro. Jonny V, producing the live broadcast, will be in Milwaukee. And the viewers will be all across the globe. For the first time ever on the Pro Tour, and perhaps in disc golf, the commentators for the Jonesboro Open presented by Prodiscus will be offsite.
Jonesboro is the place. This Friday thru Sunday, starting at 4pm ET, is the time. You want to watch broadcast history as well as disc golf history? Just watch .