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News & Notes from the 2022 Green Mountain Championship Press Conference

By Baker Helton

By: Matthew Lavallee

Ahead of Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship, pros and tournament staff spoke on Disc Golf Network. Here’s what we learned…

Smuggler’s Notch is a favorite stop among touring professionals

“It feels like I’m back at home, to be honest. Another really familiar tour stop,” said Lisa Fajkus. “As soon as you hit the Vermont line, it’s like a breath of fresh air,” added Paige Pierce. “It’s definitely a disc golfer’s dream to be in this state.”

Players are excited about the first iteration of the Disc Golf Pro Tour playoffs

“Our sport really needs that,” said Ricky Wysocki on the upcoming postseason. Wysocki and many other top players are in favor of a system that rewards season-long consistency, as one would find in other sports. Tour Director and GMC’s Tournament Director Jeff Spring pointed out that part of the excitement of this event will be the high stakes that come from the newly incorporated format. “We’re going to be watching advancing lines really closely and watching  how the points affect this march to the tour championship.”

The world champs are feeling good about their game, despite nagging injuries

Paul McBeth said his practice round Wednesday was “the second time since Worlds I was able to play without still having lingering issues. It’s good.” Kristin Tattar said she is feeling relaxed and simply following the schedule she has set for herself. “Regardless of the results that I’ve been having, or the title that I received – everything’s pretty much the same.”

Aaron Gossage outlined the plan for his signature mustache

After nearly winning Worlds two weeks ago, Aaron Gossage and his mustache became instant fan favorites. How long will it last? “It’s gonna stay through the end of the season, for sure,” revealed Gossage.

Catch all the action at the 2022 Green Mountain Championship on Disc Golf Network starting at 9:30am ET (FPO) and 2:30pm ET (MPO) Thursday, September 14th.