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Memorial Championship Event Preview Q & A

Over the next few days leading up to the 2019 season we will be conducting interviews with the TD’s of each Disc Golf Pro Tour Event. The first interview took place with Keith Murray, TD of Discraft’s Memorial Championship.

How old is the event?
31 Years

Did you imagine the event being one of the premier events in the world?
Hoped would be a better word.  We just work hard to bring the competitors the best event we can.

What makes your event unique (course, atmosphere, side-events)?
Great competition, great amenities, great weather, and great courses!

Are there any new extras (off-site or on-site events) or changes to the event for 2019?
Since we are going to Thurs-Sun we will be moving Players Party to Saturday at the famous Duke’s Sports Bar & Grill in Scottsdale.

Are there any changes to the MPO course?
Yes, Vista will have hole number 1 removed, change hole number 18 to number 1 and add a new hole 18 to finish.

Are there any changes to the FPO course?
Yes, see above.

Has being a Disc Golf Pro Tour event helped you grow?
I would say it’s made it easier to grow if that makes sense.

What is your favorite funny or entertaining story from running this event?
Barry Schultz breaking his hand but then spotting for the Ams the next day out on #2 at Fountain.  You had some pretty surprised Ams walking up to see a World and US Champ marking where you went out! Don’t think he had anyone second guess his marks so that may be a first for a spotter.

Are there any particular shots/scores you remember from past events?
Paul McBeth’s -17 at Fountain Hills years ago to come from the second card and force sudden death playoff!

How great is your staff? and Why?
Our volunteers are everything, without them, we wouldn’t be able to host so many golfers.  One of the main reasons to make the move to finish on Sunday was to help volunteers not have to take off as much time off work.