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Media Plan Part 2

2019 is set to be the biggest year yet for disc golf media. The DGPT is excited to offer more content than ever, providing the growing legions of fans with many opportunities to watch, and providing commercial media teams with the ability to be involved at all Pro Tour events. The DGPT is happy to provide more information about how media coverage will be curated and created during the 2019 season.
2019 Media Team & Technology
During the off-season, the DGPT has worked hard to improve the hardware and software we use to help reach the current standards set for post-production videos and to improve the quality of our live disc golf broadcast. We will be using professional equipment, motion graphics, encoding software, and live broadcast editors to produce a high-quality broadcast. The media operation is being coordinated by our Technical Director to create an improved and engaging live broadcast. Our live broadcast will be capable of transmitting 1080p/60fps. We are confident that the efficiencies created by our new media team structure and technology will allow us to create high-quality disc golf media right out of the gate.
The DGPT media team for 2019 has significant experience both inside and outside of the sport. We look forward to introducing team members in the run-up to and during the season. The camera operators and editors bring years of professional experience in the editing industry along with an understanding and enjoyment of the sport. We will use three editors (rough, motion, and finish) and three camera operators per card (throw, catch, and artistic).
2019 Media Opportunities & Policies
The Pro Tour is dedicated to providing valuable opportunities for media teams to attend and cover each event on the Pro Tour. Each Commercial Media Team will have an opportunity to set their own feature card on day one and pick a card to cover on subsequent days.

After the conclusion of the 2018 season, the Tour created a new Media Policy to protect our relationships with the PDGA, Title Sponsors, Events and the DGPT brand. The Tour also engaged in negotiations with existing media teams offering coverage rights for MPO 1, MPO 2, and FPO 1. While these lengthy negotiations did not result in agreements, we are excited to welcome many media teams to DGPT events in other capacities throughout the 2019 season while we develop and improve content with the DGPT Team.

Click to review our 2019 Media Policy Agreement & Opportunities document and visit to read more about Title Sponsor Rights and to fill out a Media Access Request for the 2019 season!