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Making the tour better, one tee sign at a time


​The 2019 season is quickly approaching. During the off-season, the Disc Golf Pro Tour has been working on several items which will help bring a consistent feel across every stop on the Pro Tour. This week we released the completed Memorial Championship caddy books ( Vista Sample ) which feature our new graphics standard, which will be on display all season.

​The Memorial caddy book is our first example of the new, consistent, hole branding across tee signs, caddy books, virtual player’s meetings and live and edited video graphics which will be used across all Pro Tour events. To create this consistency we brought together our long-term designer Dustin Juliano, Live & Edited Graphics Designer Chris Lundquist, and Motion Graphics Designer Kraig Stenzel to ensure the hole graphics would look good across all formats.

The process started with Dustin, who was asked to create consistent, accurate, and informative tee signs for the entire Pro Tour season. What initially started as a project to make sure all tee signs looked the same on tour quickly expanded to other aspects of the tour as well. With the tee signs completed, it made sense to shift those images directly into the caddy book, ensuring the tee signs and caddy books not only match in how the rules read but, with the exception of a notes field, look identical. By creating these consistencies, players will no longer arrive at a hole and see a tee sign which communicates information that is different from that of the caddy book (something which happens when courses are in tournament layouts).

Dustin Juliano said, “I was obviously very excited about this, and have thoroughly enjoyed making the signage for this year‘s Memorial Championship. I look forward to getting to know the rest of the venues in my own way as the season goes along.  It’s also inspiring to have the opportunity to be working with such a great team of creative minds and to have my artwork used by the staff in so many different ways. It will be fun to see these signs and maps scattered all over the Pro Tour media outlets in 2019, and I hope it gives the players and spectators a much more informed and detailed look at these great courses we have on tour.”

However, the project did not stop there. With consistent, branded hole maps created we could now transfer those designs directly to the video graphics for the tour. Viewers at home will be able to see the same hole maps the players see on the course, albeit in an animated form. Dustin collaborated with two new team members who focus primarily on the video side, Motion Graphics Designer Kraig Stenzel and Live & Edited Graphics Designer Chris Lundquist .


The whole team has been working tirelessly this off season, so I consider myself lucky to have gotten to talk with all of them about this project. Kraig, ever-passionate about the viewer experience, had the following to say, “Part of our goal in creating the graphics package we’ve built is to provide as much interesting and relevant information to the viewer as possible. Including the maps from the course brings a new perspective to the coverage and helps illustrate the different possibilities for approaching each hole. Working with Dustin, I was able to access the raw files for the artwork and seamlessly integrate the maps into our motion graphics.” Having watched disc golf for years, I’m thrilled to be seeing the incorporation of more, and clearer, information – it really helps me imagine what it might really be like to stare down the epic fairways of the most beautiful and challenging layouts in the country.

After the maps were brought in to our video graphics we looked to Chris for his knowledge and experience with how graphics these elements interact with the viewing experience and he recommended a few simplifications to the maps. We integrated the bulk of the tee sign information into live overlays, allowing the maps to be shown without anything in the way. With those elements built into the live coverage, Chris can turn right around and produce high quality next day shot-by-shot coverage. And if you haven’t heard yet, we’re not only covering the lead cards in MPO and FPO live and next day, but but for next day coverage you’ll also see the MPO chase card as well and highlights from a rapidly growing field of FPO chase cards.

We’re not only excited for the start of the 2019 season but we are also excited to keep telling you more about the new look of the Pro Tour. Our dedication to building a professional tour for our growing sport goes beyond the maps and graphics though. When players sign up or sponsors invest, we want to provide them clarity and consistency as they travel to each tour stop and see the same maps and caddy books guiding them through their rounds. You should know what you’re getting from a Pro Tour event, no matter where it is. Fortunately those benefits aren’t exclusive to the players, using the graphics in our productions will create an enhanced viewing opportunity at home getting you as close to the fairways and greens as we can. Though nothing beats catching a Pro Tour event live to really take in all the action that goes down in a single day, let alone an entire weekend.

We hope you are as excited for the 2019 Pro Tour Season as we are. Keep checking back as we will continue announcing more innovations coming to the Pro Tour as it draws closer and closer with every day!