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Jonesboro Open to add $10,000 to the MPO / FPO Payout

The Pro Tour is proud to announce that the city of Jonesboro, in addition to Prodiscus, Spartan Mowers and R&R Equipment and the event will be adding at least $10,000
to the payout. As a new event on an as of yet unproven course, it is understandable that some players may be hesitant to make the trek to Jonesboro. Rest assured though, this is going to be the real deal and with a small field, that means even more money for the players that do make the trek.
All the players that do throw their faith behind this event will be treated to a world class course that is both challenging and fair. Additionally, TD Brad Pietz and crew know how to throw an organized event as he has been doing this on a regional and national stage for over a decade. Between Jonesboro, the course, and the on ground team, this promises to be every bit of a premier event.
This will do two things. First, the Jonesboro Open, at close to $150 added cash per player, will be one of the richest events on tour this season. Second, presuming a successful event, amazing reviews of the course, and the support and buy-in from the town, Jonesboro is poised to become one of the great stops on the Pro Tour for a long time.
With the fourth stop in the 2017 season quickly approaching, we look forward to the building excitement for what promises to be a very exciting tournament at an amazing disc golf venue. Get ready to tune in next Friday.
Assuming 74 players, 60 MPO and 14 FPO, the payouts would look like this:
MPO: $20,000 divided up among 30 players
FPO: $5,000 divided up among 7 players
Expected Payout Table, 50% payout, 60 MPO, 14 FPO