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GRIP6 Partners with Disc Golf Pro Tour as Official Belt Partner

Leicester, MA (February 13, 2018) — The Disc Golf Pro Tour , the premier North American disc golf tour,  is proud to announce its partnership with GRIP6, a revolutionary new
company in the belt industry. Working together, we will continue to push the envelope in our respective industries and look forward to forging a relationship that will bring disc golf and belt engineering into the future.
In 2013 GRIP6 founder BJ Minson had become obsessed with trying to find the perfect belt. After wearing dozens of various belts, he came to the conclusion that most belts have some major drawbacks. As an engineer by trade, BJ designed a completely new belt concept. A belt with no holes, no belt flap and completely low profile. He showed the belt to his friend David who instantly fell in love with the belt and as they say, the rest is history. GRIP6  was created to produce great new products, and to control the way they are made. The goal of GRIP6 is to produce products that stop the cycle of consumerism by lasting for decades, not days.
GRIP6 is located in Salt Lake City, Utah where they manufacture 100% of their product line with materials sourced from the USA. GRIP6 supports responsible wildlife & landscape conservation through partnerships with non-profit organizations such as The Wild Salmon Center, American Prairie Reserve, and the Xerces Society. “As life-long outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted to make sure we were doing our part to give back to the places that helped make us what we are today” says Kevin Rogers – CCO of GRIP6. “Not that we’re any good, but a lot of us in the company are disc golfers, making our involvement with disc golf feel like a natural fit. We hope to be a part of this sport for a long time.”
In 2018, the Disc Golf Pro Tour will consist of ten events , including the $50,000 Tour Championship. The Pro Tour events are played by the sport’s best players, at the sport’s most scenic and challenging venues. The Pro Tour will get over 10 million views of the coverage of their events as it continues to raise the public profile of the sport on both a local and national level. Live coverage of every round, in depth statistics, spectator friendly venues as well as a the Festival of the Flying Discs.
For more information about this partnership, please contact:
Sean Jack
VP Partnerships
Disc Golf Pro Tour