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Great Lakes Open Fantasy Wrap-Up

Discraft’s Great Lakes Open is in the books, and we have another Fantasy Wrap-Up article for you to read. If you would like a chance to win prizes for making fantasy picks after each Pro Tour event then get signed up today! We have both a free league and a separate league for our Patreon supporters. You can be a part of one or both.​
To join the free league, go to and type in the code DGPT. For the Patreon league, you can go to our Patreon page and support the Disc Golf Pro tour for $5 a month to receive the Patreon only fantasy league information. Without any further ado, here are this week’s winners.
DGPT League
For yet again another week, the free league would have cashed in the Patreon league. For only $5 a month you can have access to a league with massive prizes included disc golf baskets, bags, and KEEN shoes. You do not want to miss out on an opportunity at these prizes.

  1. Jeremy Humbert tops the free league this week. For the first time in a few events, someone was able to make it into the top five with their alternate pick. Jeremy picked Devan Owens even though Devan was in Europe playing. The led to his picks being Paul McBeth, Cale Leiviska, A. J. Risley, and his alternate Grady Shue. In FPO he chose Sarah Hokom and Paige Bjerkaas. This resulted in a 1266 score.
  2. Patrick James came in second this week with a total score of 1193. Patrick went with local favorite Tim Barham, Paul McBeth, James Conrad, and Eric Oakley in the MPO division. In the FPO division, Patrick chose Sarah Hokom and Jessica Weese.
  3. Danny came in third place only four points below Patrick. Danny chose Tim Barham, Paul McBeth, James Conrad, and Eric Oakley for MPO and Sarah Hokom and Rebecca Cox for FPO. This netted a total score of 1189 which was two points above the tie for fourth.
  4. There was a tie for fourth this week, and John Holbrook came out on top in this one with an 1187 score. In the MPO division, he chose Paul McBeth, Paul Ulibarri, James Conrad, and JohnE McCray and Sarah Hokom and Ellen Widboom in FPO. LazyBucks was on the bottom of the tie and chose Paul McBeth, Garrett Gurthie, James Proctor, and Nikko Locastro in the MPO division alongside Sarah Hokom and Ellen Widboom in the FPO division.

In the Patreon league, we saw the best score be just seven short of the free league. Each week the Patreon league works to close the gap between it and the free league. This week was no exception. If you want to be a part of the Patreon League, go to our Patreon account and become a $5 a month or more supporter to receive the code.

  1. Allen Risley chose Paul McBeth, Cale Leiviska, A. J. Risley, and Kevin Jones in the MPO division. Sometimes it helps to pick those closest to you. Allen’s choice of A. J. this week paid off, it would have been embarrassing had he picked someone else in that third position. In the FPO division he chose Sarah Hokom and Paige Bjerkaas. The extra points from Paige helped to move Allen into his first-place finish where he will be going home with a basket.
  2. Chris Hayworth brought home the second place spot this week in the Patreon league. From the MPO divisions his picks were Paul McBeth, James Conrad, JohnE McCray, and Paul Ulibarri, in FPO Chris chose Sarah Hokom and Ellen Widboom these six picks netted him 1187 points. Chris will be going home with a disc golf bag from one of our great Pro Tour sponsors
  3. Bob Cundiff brought out a tie this week for third place in the MPO division carding 1158 total points. In the MPO division, Bob rode out the high scores of Paul McBeth and James Conrad along with Cale Leiviska and Drew Gibson. In the FPO division, Bob chose Sarah Hokom and Ellen Widboom which was a popular pick this week in the FPO division. Bob is going home with a pair of KEEN shoes.

Daren Galston is the bottom of a two-way tie for third this week with his picks of Paul McBeth, Garrett Gurthie, Nikko Locastro, and Eric Oakley in the MPO division. In the FPO division, he chose Sarah Hokom and Jessica Weese which is what placed him in the tied with Bob. Darren will be going home with a Grip C Bag.

  1. Greg McWilliams rounds out our top five DGLO picks. He chose Sarah Hokom and Madison Walker in the FPO division and Paul McBeth, Nikko Locastro, Paul Ulibarri, and Martin Hendel as a sleeper pick in the MPO division to finish with 1157 points this week. He will be receiving a set of DGPT Bobbleheads.

Make sure you are ready to make your picks for the next Disc Golf Pro Tour event at Idlewild Open July 20-22 nd . You will want to have your picks in before July 19 th to ensure you have a shot at winning.