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Feature Cards: Jonesboro Open

The Pro Tour, in coordination with the TDs, has developed a Feature Card Selection system. The system rewards past champions, tour points leaders, local favorites, players
from the presenting sponsor of the event, as well as the popular Fan Vote. There are two caveats to the Fan Vote system this year. Players can be placed on Feature Cards via Fan Vote three times per season and players cannot be put on Feature Cards in back to back events via Fan Vote.
We will publish the Fan Vote two Mondays prior to the event starting. Voting will end at 5:00 Eastern on Wednesday and results will be announced on the Pro Tour Talk show Wednesday night at 8:00 Eastern. For the Jonesboro Open presented by Prodiscus, this is today, March 26th. Also, due to every Pro Tour event having four feature cards (see “ 2018 Video Coverage: More Better “) we will have an opportunity for more players to earn spots via Fan Vote.
Fan Vote points tally:

  • Photo Share: 10 points
  • Photo Comment: 3 points
  • Photo Like: 1 point

MPO Live Coverage
Ricky Wysocki
Kevin Jones
Simon Lizotte
Fan Vote Winner: Seppo Paju
Noon Card
Austin Hannum
Jeremy Koling
Kellan McCann
Fan Vote Winner: A.J. Risley
10am Card
Kai Vesa
Danny Lindahl
Paul McBeth
Fan Vote Winner: Zach Melton
FPO Feature Card
Jennifer Allen
Jessica Weese
Sarah Hokom
Fan Vote Winner: Kona Panis
Winning the fan vote in the FPO division was Kona Panis with 2,340 points. Wrapping up the FPO fan vote, Madison Walker took second with 2,171 points, Pixie Cannon third with 1,418 points, Ellen Widboom landed fourth with 945 points, and finally Kelly Tucker with 398 points.
In the MPO fan vote we saw the top three out of ten being placed on a feature card. Seppo Paju won the top card with 2,424 points, A.J. Risley landed second with 1,980 points and Zach Melton grabbed the final spot with 1,790 points. Just outside the feature cards were Garrett Gurthie (1,451pts), JohnE McCray (1,093pts), Nikko Locastro (1,018pts), Josh Anthon (805pts), and Chris Dickerson (778pts). Shifting off the fan vote for the next event will be Paul Ulibarri and Peter McBride as they rounded out the bottom two.
Make sure you are ready to watch live starting at 4pm ET each day April 6th-8th.