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Discraft’s Great Lakes Open MPO Round One Recap – Players outlast weather delays to shoot double digits under par

By Baker Helton
​After nearly 12 hours since the first tee time of day one of the Discraft Great Lakes Open all cards from the MPO division are in the clubhouse. The hot rounds of the day came from across multiple tee times and a variety of styles of players. Outside of the competition, lightning was the name of the game today. At 2:57, lightning struck within seven miles of the course as part of a pop-up shower and so play was delayed for thirty minutes. With a restart of 3:27 play was able to resume for an hour before another delay held up play for an hour as a second storm blew north of the course. Worth noting, the course did not see a drop of rain during the delays. However, safety is key, and players were able to seek shelter until it was safe to play again.

Young Gun Anthony Barela came into the clubhouse soon after the first thirty-minute weather delay. He only had two holes to finish after the delay. After taking a par on 17 he was able to land a birdie on 18 to move to -11. He carded a 100% Scramble and C1x putting percentage for the day. Anthony was also 67% from C2 which put him in the top five in C2 putting today. He will be looking to maintain the double-digits under par tomorrow as he makes his way onto the lead card with today’s performance.

Coming into tournament central four cards after Anthony was Calvin Heimburg who finished two throws less than Barela with a -9 round. One area of improvement for Calvin will be his putting where he was only 20% from C2 and 67% from C1X today.  Calvin was unable to make the lead card tomorrow due to the stellar play of a few other players you may have heard about before, including two from today’s live card.

Before we get to today’s live card though we need to talk about the second double-digit round of the day which came from Chris Clemons, the lefty from Kansas City was able to card his -10 thanks to a late push which came after the lightning delay where he birdied the last five holes of the day. Chris’s 100% C1x putting is what helped him move up to his second-place position when he came into the clubhouse. Chris’s sole second-place spot was not there for long as Kevin Jones charged up on the live card to move into a tie with Chris on hole sixteen. Kevin would proceed to par hole seventeen after a drive into the rough. Kevin showed why he should be on the feature card today with a stunning performance which was very similar to his performance last year during day one.

Speaking of the live card, there were plenty of fireworks today as fan favorites Nathan Queen and Willie Prince were shooting hot early on the live card. After the second weather delay, the hot hands switched to Kevin and Willie who spent most of the middle of the course going shot-for-shot grabbing birdies where they could. Willie would cool off during the back-nine of the course, and Kevin Jones turned it on, birdieing six of the last nine to finish in a tie with Chris Clemons. Kevin shot a 52 round one both last year and this year. With the changes to par, we were interested to see how Kevin felt about this year compared to the previous year. He said, “This year I’m more where I’m supposed to be, last year was more of shoot hot and get on the lead card.” We followed up by asking how he dealt with the lightning delays, and he said, “it was really about just staying in a good headspace. I spent most of the time in my car, on the phone, making sure I stayed in a good place.”

Last but not least, Paul McBeth started slowly going only -4 during the first nine holes. After the lightning delays, he was finally able to get back into a rhythm, and by the time he made it to hole 14, he realized he needed to birdie out to make it onto the lead card for day two. When asked if he knew he needed to birdie the last hole, he replied, “yeah, I knew I needed to get the last four. It was tough, but I was able to pull it off.”

It was a very long day at the Discraft Great Lakes Open, but there are still two days left of great competition to figure out who the winner will be. On the live card will be tournament leader Anthony Barela, followed by Chris Clemons, Kevin Jones, and Paul McBeth. Make plans to tune in and watch live starting at 3:30 PM ET!