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Discraft’s gmc open presented by grip eq – FPO r4 – a wild ride settles in

By Baker Helton
As we came into the final round, all eyes were on Sarah Hokom. How can we forget what happened during the last GMC, when Paige Pierce came charging from the chase card to beat Sarah by one. On the final hole, Sarah was unaware of the scores and played her game rather than run the 70 footer that would have tied it.

Sarah had a five-stroke lead on Paige going into that round. This year, Sarah has six strokes on Kristin Tattar. The early holes may let us know if this is going to be a battle. Additionally, holes 7 and 8 hold a lot of danger. With plenty of OB throughout the entire Fox Run course, strokes can be made up in many ways and in many places.

To open up the round, everyone did exactly what they needed to do and Sarah was the one who executed. She played confident and safe, draining her 15 foot par putt and keeping OB out of play. Kristin Tattar went for the big drive to set herself up for a birdie up and down look, and went OB, costing herself a stroke.

After pars on hole 2, Sarah Hokom drove to within about 60 feet. Kristin got in trouble in the thick woods on the left and managed to put herself in position to save the bogey. Sarah stepped up and laid up her shot to about 15 feet away, not bringing in the fast green or the OB behind and increasing her lead to eight. So far so good.

Both players birdied the getable hole 4 and we move on to hole 5, where Sarah made her first mistake. She popped out a sidearm and turned the disc over early. Kristin’s drive set herself up for an easy up and down for par. Sarah threw a very tricky touch shot on to the dam and left herself 22 feet for bogey. Her tentative putt hit the basket a few inches low, caught an edge and rolled 28 feet away, down hill. She drained the comebacker to save double bogey and the lead was quickly back to six as we approached holes 7 and 8, two of the tougher holes on the course.

Hole 6, which is setup for the forehand should not be an issue for players. However, Sarah hit an early tree on her drive and kicked OB, losing another stroke. The lead is now five.Sarah’s arrows are pointing down, Kristin is staying steady, and then it becomes clear that we should bring Rebecca Cox into the conversation as she has recovered with three birdies after starting the round with a bogey. Cox is just two shots behind Kristin and we are headed into the menacing holes 7 and 8.
Sarah goes OB on hole seven, guarding the bogey and losing another stroke to Kristin. The lead is down to four. After pars and bogeys respectively on holes 8 and 9, Kristin is on the tee and smashes a drive within 5′. Park job. Hokom responded putting her drive in circle one but missed the pot and sheds another stroke.

We move on to the difficult hole 11, which had been birdied by only one other person the entire day. Kristin laced a beauty of a drive to C1 edge. Chains. The lead is down to two and Rebecca Cox is only five back with four birdies on the first ten holes.

We advance to hole 14. Sarah Hokom lost a stroke to Kristin on this hole in round two, but today she would not be denied. Putting her drive 30 feet from the pin and hitting the putt, Sarah opened the lead back to three. “I tried to relax and be okay with whatever the outcome was. Hole 14 was a bonus and hole 15 made it two in a row and I felt like I was back in this thing.” The birdie on 15 made it four and she could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Rebecca Cox would gain a couple more throws on Kristin with her park job on the 400′ 17th, but it was not enough to catch her. It was enough to catch and pass Jessica Weese in Tour points though. Rebecca moved into fourth place and will have a bye into the semi-finals at the Tour Championship.

Sarah Hokom, Kristin Tattar and Rebecca Cox are the women’s podium here at Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship presented by Grip EQ.

After the round Sarah spoke with Madison Walker, “It feels amazing. I’m so relieved. I’ve been grinding all season and it finally came together for me.”

Thanks to everyone that watched. The Tour Championship well be the culmination of the 2019 season for the Pro Tour. It will be in Charlotte October 18-20 on a Houck/Koling version of the Hornet’s Nest.

Congratulations to Paige Pierce on winning the Pro Tour season with 685 points. Catrina Allen joins Paige, Sarah and Rebecca as the four players who get a bye into the semi-finals.