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DGPT Unveils Brand Update heading into Year 5

By Baker Helton
​With a new Disc Golf Pro Tour season, comes the opportunity to turn a new page. The Pro Tour has refreshed it’s perspective on how to achieve goals of sustainability and growth through promotion, innovation and collaboration across our great sport. It seems only fitting that a brand update to align with and represent that come in tow. Throughout the process, the DGPT placed an emphasis on simple design that would be easier to reproduce and use across several formats. We’re pleased to share more about that process with fans and followers.

The Process
Goals for the update centered around a brand refresh that kept the logo recognizable while also taking on a more simplistic and modern spin. The DGPT went through several different designs for the basket before finally landing on the version you see today. The desire to create a logo that was easier to stamp moved design away from a traditional basket with individual chains to a basket more of a silhouette in design.

Additionally, a refresh of font standards for the Disc Golf Pro Tour was to match a more modern design aesthetic. As such, gone is the serif font for headings replaced by the Sans Serif font in both the Disc Golf Pro Tour and 2020 lettering and numbering. We will be releasing a full brand standards document soon with additional details as we continue to update all associate digital and physical assets.

This refresh includes the DGPT color palette. Nearly every professional sports league in the United States uses some type of red and blue as part of their logo: MLB, NBA, MLS, NFL, etc. The DGPT prioritized retaining that motif, while move to a slightly less contrasting color palette than what existed. This blue and red palette debuted at the 2019 Tour Championship and with some minor tweaks decided to keep it for our new branding moving forward.

Elements Retained
Much of the updated logo is similar to the original. The DGPT chose to keep the different formats of the logo with Disc Golf Pro Tour, DGPT, and the year attached to them. Doing this will allow for people to make an easy connection between the old brand and new brand, continuing brand recognition that was built in prior years.

​W e also kept the dual-colored text as the most recognizable aspect from the old logo to this new one. For readability, the lettering will be navy overtop lighter backgrounds, but when used on a dark setting, the letters ‘light up,’ and retain the old red and blue coloring we’ve grown used to.

A new season brings a myriad of new opportunities, and the DGPT is pleased to share this updated and refreshed brand. We are looking forward to more announcements over the offseason and we invite you to follow along to see what we are up to. Get excited, 2020 will be the best year yet!