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DGPT Patreon

Support the Pro Tour through Patreon Patrons get access to the sneak peek of our best feature piece ever created – Coulda Woulda Shoulda. The first feature touches on
Paige Pierce’s efforts at the weather shortened Nick Hyde Memorial powered by Innova / Hyzerbomb discs.
The Disc Golf Pro Tour is working to create an inclusive, compelling, inspiring, sustainable tour for our sports best players and the fans that want to watch them. One way or another, we will continue to work to make this happen. With your help, we can do more.
We would like to do in depth player interviews, build a weekly Circle Zero show, find a permanent co-commentator, provide more and better editing from previous rounds of the day, expand the Pro Tour Talk show, and create intro pieces about the amazing venues we are visiting. These are things we will slowly grow into. With your help, we can grow into them quicker.
If you like what we are building and want to support us so we can build it better and build it quicker, please consider becoming a Pro Tour Patron . If you do, drawings, cool gifts and thank yous are headed your way!